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    Copyright, Youtube and Lotro

    Hey all,

    I think this is something a lot of the bands might have to deal with so I'm posting this here.

    I recorded some videos of my band playing copyrighted music and uploaded those tunes to youtube. I considered this to be a case of fair use, so I didn't expect any complications from that.
    Youtube appearently has a new content matching algorithm and identified two of my three videos to be affected by copyright.

    Now I'm asked to either aknowledge the copyright claim or deny it. I can't really deny it because I never claimed I composed those tunes, but if I just aknowledge that BMG (in this case) owns the copyright only BMG will be able to monetarize (get money from ads that are added) my video.

    Don't get me wrong I don't want to earn money with this, but I think it's wrong if the musical right owners benefit to 100% from my creative work as well (arranging, playing, etc).

    So does anyone have a clue on how to deal with this? (or is the only answer not to use youtube at all?)
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