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    Sauron's temple to Morgoth on Númenor

    Tolkien once remarked that the Radcliffe Camera (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Radcliffe_Camera), a library in Oxford University resembled Sauron's temple to Morgoth on Númenor.

    So without further introduction, behold the temple;

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    I watched a documentary some time ago that was all about locations in Great Briton that were supposed to have been inspirations for things that Tolkien put into his books.
    Some of it was pure speculation, some of it (like the building in your picture) was hinted at by Tolkien, but as far as I know there was only one building which Tolkien clearly said was one hundred percent inspired by a real life location, the Sarehole Mill in Birmingham, which was the inspiration for the mill in Hobbiton.

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    The angle and lighting of the "Temple" photo makes it appear quite sinister, thanks for sharing it.
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    Cheers Alex and Wolf for the shares! Vnice places that worth a visit
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    Quote Originally Posted by YamydeAragon View Post
    ... & Morgoth also have a bicycle parked outside on the right? Just kidding but i imagine Morgoth temple more sinister looking. Maybe i have to go there & check if i get that dready presence feeling.
    Imagine something that looks a lot more scary, with a silver dome tarnished black, and a great dark smoke emerging from the top of the dome from all the sacrificial fires. And Sauron hanging about the place, looking devilishly handsome (and really tall and supremely regal, like he's the king of everything) and looking on as the hapless victims are burned alive. Sinister enough for you?

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    That's a great image. Thanks very much for sharing. As I recall, the Silmarillion gave dimensions for that temple that were pretty enormous - I seem to recall it was 500 feet tall and 500 in diameter. Just imagine that same design on an absolutely massive scale. Sinister indeed.



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