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    What is needed more for raids these days? (Gambler/RK)

    So as the title says, I need help deciding on leveling my RK or my Gambler, and I decided, why not ask and see what's needed more, Offhand heals and secondary DPS, or offtanks and secondary DPS.

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    So far, it doesn't seem like there's much need for off-healing in the Epic Battles, unless it's targeted healing that can affect the Rohirrim NPCs. Off-tanking is potentially useful (despite what you may have heard), but you really need a tank spec or Forced Attack skill to make it work. I don't think Burgs have one; correct me if I'm wrong, though.

    If you mean traditional raids, it really depends on the raid space. I'd say that off-healing is generally more useful than off-tanking, but off-healing duties are usually well-covered by a Captain.
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    Yeah, true, but either way my RK is spec'd for fire, and I just like Gambler, I'm just wondering what is more 'useful' for the time being, I personally like offtanks and mage classes, but DPS is already covered by Champs, Hunters and certain RKs. (Which don't spec for any real healing.) I'm just curious as to what's needed more and what would be best for soloing later on in the game, Fire RK has nice rotation, great AoE DPS, but Power problems without specing into other branches, it also has a somewhat hard time with survivability, Gambler doesn't share any of these issues but lacks team support and generally any form of aggro. I'm kind of torn between the two because they both have pros and cons, and I don't know which ones outweigh the others. Because I will need to solo until about level 65, RK will have trouble with that but will excel at secondary DPS and healing for raids later on, Gambler will still have good DPS, but he won't be too useful compared to others. Another thing I do constantly is PvP (Ettenmoors, Duels, etc.) and both are fairly good at this, but I'd put Gambler in favor over a Fire RK. This is really just what is more viable overall for any raid/epic, what will be easy to solo level to get to this point, and what will be better off endgame.

    So, this is what it comes down to, viability, solo ability, endgame and pvp, I'm clueless as to which is better for all of these, which is needed in endgame raids, and which presents more of a challenge. (Because I love a challenge, which is why I'm a huge fan of the Monster Hunter franchise.)

    Given these factors, what do you suggest?

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    I'd suggest that, with two free specs per char, it's not that cut-and-dried anymore.

    While your gear may not be optimal at endgame for more than one spec, or even throughout leveling... I've found significant differences in flavor and survivability on my Burg between Gambler, QK, and MM. Gambler is definitely it for survivability, at least at level... 37 now I think. You don't get that many points early on to really get a lot of benefits from some lines, but I found the extra skills and survivability with even 15 or so trait points in Gambler to be totally worth it.

    If it were me, I'd level both (...slowly). Which may be why I don't have any 95s... or indeed,any 85s, but that also has something to do with total playtime in Rohan, which turns out, wasn't that much. Oh well, wife and I had a kid this year (#2) and I was also spending most of my game time in another game, so... anyway.

    But if you don't want to do that, pick your main spec for solo leveling, and go with the best group spec for your "off-spec".

    For RK, that would likely be fire/heals, for burg I'd probably suggest Gambler/MM. That way, you can still switch things up as needed, get some variety, but still have solid group capabilities later.

    And other than not having optimized gear, I haven't found any downsides from my admittedly only a few hours so far in HD when switching between spec trees- the quickslot skill issue hasn't bothered me as much yet as some.

    So... do you want to (ranged, AOE) dps/heal, or (melee) dps/debuff/offtank? What do you find more fun?

    I found RK to be often powerful, but sometimes very squishy and with few panic buttons, while the Burg is maybe slower, and definitely less AOE and almost no ranged skills at all... but lots of panic buttons. I also didn't find leveling to 65 to be particularly problematic as a fire spec RK. Or so I recall. That was a while ago.

    Hope this helps...

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    Pick a RK.

    Burglars are still just as useless in all the raid content as they were last expansion. This is mainly due to the fact that our Debuffs and CC lack behind other classes, and one of our premier abilities (FM's) are completely useless now and have been for quite some time.

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    Burglars have always required more skill than RK. If you're looking to impress, play a Burglar.

    Otherwise, pick an RK, if only because u can heal and are ranged, which is where the RK outperforms Burglars.



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