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    Quote Originally Posted by duvelmoortgat View Post
    I like the idea of hard mode, however it already existed in the game.

    Maybe not at early levels but at later level it would.

    No need for Turbine to change anything, You can do it yourself. For example, set a rule: Wear only Yellow or White armour stuff and weapons, no purple, no teal stuff. That would hinder your character big time. No virtues, no passive bonuses.

    I think I will try that with my next character :P playing only white or yellow armour/weapons!
    Pffffttt, we're already doing it naked

    I haven't decided on the staff yet, if things become too tedious I'll upgrade it.

    Like a poster mentioned earlier, we can make it to 95 this way. While this is a decent enough challenge I do miss gearing up as best I can to tackle harder content.

    I might keep this character at 20 for the moment with level-scaled Ettenmoors just around the corner. If it's anything like scaling in BB, then obtaining levels and gear through PvMP should will be at about the right amount of difficulty.
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