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    Suggestion: Hardmode item for those who want extra challenge

    There's been an ongoing debate about how much easier a lot of the content has gotten, particularly the landscape content. While some of the ease can be attributed to players just getting better at the game, there can be no denying that things have gotten much easier. I have light/med armour characters using gear 10-20 levels beneath their own who can handle multiple above-level mobs and signatures without breaking a sweat.

    I fully acknowledge that the game needs to accommodate casual players, and in fact I embrace that because I want the game to survive. But I DO greatly miss the challenging LotRO of bygone days. I miss running around East Angmar when it was first launched, in abject terror as it was impossible not to aggro multiple tough scary creatures. Now I can easily roll through there and barely even encounter a mob, let alone aggro one. I love challenge, and I'm really finding it lacking lately in the game. I regularly go around poorly geared in orange and red areas, but even that doesn't create enough challenge.

    Anyway, I digress. I propose that a store item be created, similar to the XP disabler, which nerfs a character and toughens foes so that the game challenge level is greatly increased to SOA levels and beyond. I'm talking hardmode here, not just balance. Something the average player wouldn't necessarily enjoy, but which veterans and more experienced gamers or those who crave near-death experiences would really enjoy. I would buy this, and I know others would.

    Pretty please!

    EDIT: I'm not just talking about balance, here. That is something that's been really improving, even since I first made this post, and I welcome it. I am talking about hardmode. I am talking about things being way more challenging than most sane people would enjoy.
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