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    Thumbs up Congrats to you all

    well we already knew this game was a broken pos because of the constant b!tching about how unfair it is. mainly the freeps fault. well i just wanted to personally thank you all for putting my suspicions as to what would happen with HD. you guys did it its officially near impossible to get a kill now on both sides. lets all give one another a big pat on the back. we all officially broke lotro pvp because the majority of you were to effing lazy to beta test, write complaints etc. and now all you can do is b!tch about how hard it is to gain infamy/renown unless you farm with a pocket healer. the funny part is, that nobody likes turbine or their brain dead effort to make suitable pvmp. but you all let them walk on you like a used doormat. ahah. this is why games become sh!t. And tbh i wouldn't invest any money in this game HD is basically like cancer to lotro. only a matter of time before it collapses and dies.

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    people pvp in this game for good qq
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    Seems like every year and half, someone posts a thread like this. >xD}{
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    Aurshi, I found you! This is what you've been up to? Lmao I miss your raging on GW2.

    At least there, you failing, was a legit reason to qq!

    But indulge me with your logic, why waste time raging over broken PvP that not even the developers take seriously? lol

    I bought the Grenth mask! No qq

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