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    (Landroval) Bugginses Buskin' in Bree Bonanza 7th December 2013 9am-6pm (EST).

    Greetings Musicians!

    I had an idea a while back to promote new bands and celebrate our established groups.
    A day of Busking (playing for tips) is an event for all to enjoy. From 9.00am to 6.00pm (server time).
    Anyone can play, if you would like a little publicity fill in the questions below and send your answers and a nice screenshot of you or your band, back to me at: lilikatebuggins@gmail.com.
    I will then write an article about your band, which I shall include on lotro.com and on my kinship forum.

    The rules are simple:
    You can play anywhere in Bree-town on Landroval (or any server).
    If you can hear another band or musician playing then you need to move further away before playing yourselves. Locations are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
    Prepare to tell other players a little about your band, if you have a regular concert slot or any other info or routine.
    Always be polite and thank anyone who donates money to your band.
    Your Name:
    Names and Instruments of Band-mates:
    Bands Name:
    Regular Concert Time:
    Preferred Style of Music:
    Are you a new band?
    What would you spend your tips on?

    Don’t forget to include a screenshot
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    Thanks, Lilikate! I've passed this on to the band leader. Sounds like much fun!

    Edit: Look for our email!
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    Our Band will participate..
    Palantorio Rochalor (bdl.bplaced.net)
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    What a fantastic idea! Info has been sent
    [URL="http://www.sigcreator.com/"]Proud Officer and band member of 'Under The Sunlit Sky'




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