Hi Thanks for stopping by.

Here the deal This server has been on a steady decline over the last 2 years so finding Groups to complete the moria Meta Deed it getting to the point that its not really possible. My wife and I have been playing about 2.5 years and both have over 150 characters Yes we are a bit fanatic and proud to say so.

So the Idea here is not to form a new kin or any such thing but to Find a group of players that are willing to work together for the sole reason to do the whole moia Meta deed to get the Black goat. We again are not looking to from a kin or recruit for one just trying to find a group of Adult like minded folks that are big Tolkien Fans and love this game and miss the days of Fellowship play and making friends doing so.

My wife and I have been running in a duet group for the last 2 years and we have done the Kinship route that never seems to last anymore and want to find that group of friendly adults that have a few years of game play under their belts and more than their fair share of Alts.

We have 2 duets running right now our mains My have has a 66 level Hunter and I have a 66 level champ. we are long done with moria but would like to go back to get that Moria Meta deed done. If your saying whats a moria meta deed then this is more than likely not the group for you.

So the set of toons we have would be the overleveled group.

we also have a new duet that is just starting moria now A champ and a mini that is looking to find a few more folks that would be running moria at level to do the Deed as well as playing thru as well as doing the Moria meta .

Now as Us time goes we play most nites from about 6pm central till dawn so the group would be more of a late nite group of shall we say Nite Owls. In the past we have played a lot with Aussies because of the hours we play it seems to fit very well.

So here goes we thought we would start off with get a ventrilo server to make grouping easier as both my wife and I have over 150 characters and play in over 10 worlds. Yes we are very big fans and before you ask No we do not have a life. *lol*

We use Xp disablers to help keep us at level and would prefer others that would be willing to do the same. we have all crafts would more than happy to help with making LI's as we level thru Moria.

Now our first group is also working on the last 3 area in the game for world renown that would be our level 66's so if anyone would like to do that with us as well you would be more than welcome.

So the reason I made this post was to find out if there are any Peps out there that would like to do something like this and help with get the group working. We have not hammered out every detail but had a dream to make this happen again this is not a kinship recruiting thing more of a making friends to get thru this deed thing.

So is you interested Send a in game mail or tell to Rocbourn or Galwing for the 66th level group or Dannion My level 51 Mini or just reply to this thread.

Again thanks for stopping by and hope to see you in the game