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    Question Music Files Not working?

    Apparently, I'm just as bad as music IN-GAME, as I am out-of.
    Three or four people now have explained to me how playing songs in Lotro work, and I've followed their instructions, but much to their annoyance (and my chagrin), everything has come up with nothing.
    I've even gone to you-tube and step-by-step repeated what the broadcaster did. I re-named my files, and checked my playlists... But any time I try to play anything it winds up giving me the command;
    usage: /play <song file> [index #] [sync]
    Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong?

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    Hi, Majorfreakingcupcake, welcome to the forums.

    Try using the songbook plug-in. It makes it a lot easier to manage and play your music files.

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    1) You need to make a music directory in your Lotro documents directory and NOT in your Lotro main program directory.
    2) Make sure your songs have .abc extensions on them
    3) Put all your abc's in the music directory above.
    4) In game, go into music mode by equipping a instrument and typing /music
    5) To play a song, type (without the brackets) /play [songfile] (you don't have to type .abc at the end)
    6) If you are playing alone, do not type in the index number or sync.
    7) If you are playing with some one else or a group, you need to type /play [songfile] [index number] sync (again, without the brackets) (the index number is just a plain number like 1, 2, 3 etc. If you are unsure what the index number is, load the file into notepad and look at the headers. At the top will be a x: followed by a number. That is the index number.)
    8) If your files are in a sub-directory of the music directory, you will have to type out the path in the command. (i.e. /play /classical adagio)

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    There is currently a /bug for some of us where the /playlist song isn't working correctly (not using the right folder or not listing subfolders, or not listing all the files). There's some odd bugginess with the /play command not necessarily working right off, either. Not sure if that is a server load issue or not. I've bugged the former, but not the latter.
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