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    Confused and need advice on mmo rp

    Confused and need advice.

    As the title says, i need advice and would like to post here instead of both of the RP servers. So pretty much i have some questions as many do when they are new or some what new to this sort of thing.

    1: some what new to RP, but only to mmo's as i only have done it in single player rpg games and enjoyed it as i got pretty heavy into it, but how different is it online with others? i made a dummy character on laurelin to see how things were and made it to bree, it was fun from what i saw but may be a lil overwhelming to start off at but get the hang of in time.

    2: i know this is common to ask but, i am an american and my timezone is EST, what are the active hours on the rp servers in comparison to me, i am pretty active most days from say 2pm est to 2am - 3am est. so pretty much i don't care about the time difference for the most part, just as long as i can enjoy things with people a good amount.

    3: along with roleplayers is there a fairly active scene of kinships that help out others and actually group together, help each other out and raid/etc? i enjoy all things but i have had my fair share of kins that do nothing together or just not really do much except for the 1 kin i was in for awhile we did all these things and my friends and i enjoyed it but we had a falling out due to power control freaks and broke away from that kin and quit lotro for awhile, i like to do mostly anything as in questing, fellowships, raids, pvmp, crafting, etc...on my home server (brandywine) things are mainly end game focused and pvmp which does get old imo as i love to do all things, right now my friends are like LEVEL TO 95 FAST AND JOIN!! i'm 84 atm since i returned ( took a break right before RoR released ) and enjoying myself and not in any hurry.

    4: not exactly a question, but something i struggle with a little, coming up with backgrounds and all the in-depth stuff, i am not the greatest speller or anything so sometimes it gets annoying when trying to come up with something, do people care if your background on an rp is not all that detailed? or better yet, general spelling errors or typos when talking in game? most times i am quick to fix a typo as i type fast but as doing rp, in my head it kinda bugs me somehow...nervous i guess.

    5: which server has the least trolls/jerks/pricks/etc? i ask this because i have a lot of stress in my life and i play to enjoy myself and relax but i recently returned and well on my home server not much has changed, still have those types of people in glff for example and 1 of them i have a long history with and i hate very much. I was told Laurelin is the most relaxing and peaceful but not sure about others.

    6: events!! are there plenty? i love the immersion from things like these and i have always read what kind people do on the rp servers, nothing like that on brandywine, except for festivals which are just a big crowd of people focusing on tokens and getting things done, or flat out ignoring it. always enjoyed those too myself, but custom player events sounds awesome too!

    i think that is enough questions for now, but later i may have more, oh by the way if anybody is curious i do have a set of immersion rp rules i created for myself for future characters if anybody would like to hear what i have thought up so far and give any tips? mostly they are things i have done in my own roleplay in rpg games, showed a friend it and he said "lotro rp seems like a lot of work to me, compared to others" <--was referring to single player rpg's fyi.


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    Check out Landroval for roleplay. Lots of fun. Many rp kinships, some are allied with other rp kinships to do raid content.

    1. It's no different online, just more immediate. You put your head into your character and act.

    2. Landroval is USA time and Laurelin is EU time though the two intermingle.

    3. Not sure about fairly active kinships helping each other but there are some. Drama within a kinship does not work for long.

    4. Backgrounds usually work themselves out in time so give it time. Everyone has spelling problems at times, no big deal.

    5. Landroval and Laurelin are both peaceful. It's important as a roleplayer to shut off GLFF and OCC channels where ever you are for a wonderful peace and more fun in game. Rule #1 - Do not feed the trolls.

    6. It seems there are more music and horse racing events on Landroval and more specific events built around an idea on Laurelin.

    Welcome to roleplay!

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    I agree. Landroval or Laurelin. However, I've found RP friendly people on Imladris and Withywindle as well. Landroval is especially known for its community of musicians.

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    thanks for the replies, i been doing as much digging as i can, and i am still not sure between landy and laurel, but i may have to try them both out for awhile and see which i like better, mostly looking for the most enjoyable one to me that is also not a dead or lonely server
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