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    Cosmetic Items Bugged since HD Update

    Upon logging in after Helm's Deep went live, I was dismayed to discover that my Woodland Ranger's Hood and Woodland Ranger's Shoulderwrap are no longer the correct color. Both items were previously dyed Rivendell Green, but now show up as a bland and ugly Beige despite still being listed as the aforementioned green. I tried re-applying the dye, with no change.

    Has anyone else experienced this problem with the same pieces, or any other cosmetic items? Just to clarify, I did put in a support ticket and file a bug report on this issue.
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    They seem to be bugged - I have the shoulders in my wardrobe and it won't display any dye colors. The other pieces won't do so in the trying-on window. I hope this gets fixed soon.
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    Same problem here, I've got them in my wardrobe with several dyes linked to them, though every time I apply one of them from the wardrobe to a cosmetic outfit slot, the chosen dye doesn't display and it just displays it's default color. I do hope this is a bug as I was planning to use this outfit for my hobbit hunter once I got the desired dyes for it. Please fix it, thanks
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    I have bugged this. I hope you guys take the time to do the same!

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    I have this same issue. The ONLY Piece that seems to hold its colour is the Woodland Ranger Cloak. Everything else just that ugly off beige colour.

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    I have this issue in burglar, who uses woodland ranger boots.

    I tried to switch to the Grey Company Boots, but they still have that bleak white color
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    I was setting up the "Woodland ranger" set as indicated in http://cosmeticlotro.wordpress.com/2...odland-ranger/ and I experiencing the same bug.

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    I /bugged this as well.



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