I would like to start this thread for a bug report(apart from /bug tool)
And for small suggestions i and actually we would like to give to the devs blade brother call icon

-Animations/base setup

  • Soften up the animations when using a halberd ,a 2handed club or 2handed axe.The animation slowness(is that a word?)they are using the old attack speed the 2handed heavy weapons had before Mirkwood release.Even though attack duration got pretty good now if you try to use a 2handed sword and a halberd you will see a big difference between animations.Because after all 2handed swords were faster before mirkwood(2,6-2,8 attack speed)while halberds were from 3,1-3,4)Lower the timing betweem animations somehow?

-Skills traits

  • Cutting attack critical dmg buff change from 7s to 10s duration or add the option to increase it by using battle states legacy duration
  • Blade of elendil light damage dot buff, increase the chance to apply the dot
  • Pressing attack is the the only aoe skill in game that has 4.2m range all other aoe in game are 5.2m.And there is a legacy which it can go to 8 targets..any chance of increasing this?Also make the first hit of the skill to critical but NOT to give defeat response like the second does
  • PLZ make the summoning horn into a skill and not an item in my backpack! plz!
  • WE talked about it and even rockx did in the closed beta...about the pet dealing the same damage we do but after some time i lost track of the posts etc.Are we gonna have some change into that?Also the extra 40% pet dmg in the tree line is not worth it when your pet deals common dmg and while you go for pvmp
  • Lower the cd of time of need to 1:30m

  • Blade Brother call not the actuall buff you get (the duration while on cast) but the benefits when you or the bro hits,the buff icon is using the placeholder horse buff since closed beta(only bladebro has this issue)
  • When using Halberd and use Valiant strike the cut fx(green line of the cut) is vertical instead of horizontal as the halberd animation uses
  • While in red line Grave wound dot is still unmitigated and doesnt use the weapon dmg type(as of 12.1 release notes mention)
  • Improved standard of War uses the standard of Hope banner on ground
  • Improved standard of Valour uses the standard of War banner on ground

I had 2-3 more in my mind but i cant remember them atm.Will post em in future