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    Deeping Wall Full Platinum Run Guide

    Ps: Please don’t complain about my English lol! Already took me too long just to type it all down!
    Note: That Full Platinum Run was done before the Update and since we did it all I will not update in case we get any major changes on the side quests after the update! So watch out for any changes after the next update!

    Understanding the instance:

    The Deeping Wall is a straightforward run! Keep the banners alive, keep the Nps and soldiers alive and get the side quest when they come.
    3 walls , Western, Eastern and Center, you will fight 3 waves one in each wall and you will get one side quest per wave! Ps: You never gonna get 2 waves at the same wall in the same run!
    Nothing else to say about it!

    At the beginning of each wave just make sure someone use a catapult to destroy the enemy’s catapults. DO NOT kill adds with catapults or Rocks because if you kill the wave to fast sometimes you don’t have enough time to complete the side quest. That means that when one wave is done, another wave will come from another wall and you will still be doing the side quest.

    Team make up:
    You don’t really need a specific class make up for this run. Just make sure your team have 2 healer and a third one that will be dpsing and healing the side quests when needed. Besides that, a lot of dps and your team will be just fine.

    Basic strategy:

    To make the run really easy all you have to do is to split your 12 in 3 teams of 4!

    The wall team – 2 healer that will hot box (select the banners and the Npcs and click H on your keyboard). So just give 3 banners and the soldier near those banner to one healer and the other 3 banners and the rest of the soldiers to the other one. By doing that, you are sure that you will not lose track on banners, soldier and Npcs morals.

    Western Wall 6 banner, 6 commanders and 18 soldiers
    Center Wall – 6 banners, 5 commanders and 15 soldiers
    Eastern wall – 6 banner, 3 commanders and 9 solders

    The job for those 2 healers is to keep all of them alive beside the Npc Legolas, Aragorn etc etc etc. They should be Officers so they can set orders to the commanders. Just give the order for two-handed so the soldier kill stuff faster and set the priority target to Sappers. That healer job is really easy so help with the ladder and hooks too don't be lazy healers lol!

    Ps: Sappers are the adds that come to destroy your stuff like banners, supplies etc.

    The others 2 member of the wall team will be working on Ladder and Grappling Hooks no stop. Less ladders and Hooks means less adds coming inside the walls that means less chance to get a soldier, npc or banners destroyed and more time to complete the side quests. They should be Engineers so they can work faster on the ladder and hooks.

    The side quests team – Split the remaining 8 in 2 groups of 4. Is good to put a mark over the head of 2 people so the member of each team don’t get confused and always fallows the right team leader in the need to defend 2 different spots at the same time. They all should go engineers and spend point on triple-wire traps.

    Understanding the quest:

    Deeping wall have 9 possible side quests and they are not random at all! Depending in the wall you are and the wave you are fighting you always going to get the same quest. The key to have a full platinum run is to set up the team for the side quests before it comes. Plain ahead now that you know exactly what side quest will hit the team!

    Where and when you going to get each quest:

    Western Wall if First Wave – Breaching the Hornburg

    Really easy one! Just have your 8 people side quest team waiting near the door . When it opens get inside and put your triple-wire traps by the right window and just kill everything. The adds will try to kill 6 wounded soldiers, destroy a door that is located back in the room and some supplies. If you don’t trust your dps to kill everything fast just get someone to hot box and heal the wounded soldiers, supplies and stand by the door to do some repairs if needed.
    That quest cant go wrong! Easy Platinum!

    Western Wall if Second Wave – Securing the Culvert

    All the second waves side quest, does not matter the wall, will take place downstairs behinde the wall! In this one, just move, your 8 people downstairs and find the Culvert. Don’t wait for the quest, be there before it comes! Set a lot of triple-wire traps by the entrance and just kill everything. In some point you goanna get 2 Trolls , just assign 2 people to run after them and kill them. Again, if you don’t trust your dps team tell someone to hot box and heal the labors so they don’t get killed.
    Pretty easy one. Kill stuff , keep the labors alive and wait until the Culvert is sealed. Just can’t go wrong! Easy Platinum!

    Western Wall if Third wave – Shells in the Air

    In that quest you gonna have some Orcs coming from the Wall. They will try to putdown some banner. So just have everyone looking for those Orcs, kill them making sure you diffuse any banners that an orc might put down. Besides that, you gonna have to carry some healing supplies that are on top of the tower by the catapult in the right. Just assign 2 people to keep running upstairs to get the supplies and run to deliver them to the HornBurg ( the door will open on the left side of that wall) until all the Orcs are dead. So 10 people killing orc and watching for banners and 2 people caring supplies!

    The only thing that can go wrong is your team miss an orc, they put a banner down and you don’t diffuse it in time. You will have 10 people just doing that. So open your eyes and that quest can’t go wrong! Easy Platinum!

    Center Wall if First wave – Vandals in the Tower


    So again, since you know that you will get that quest every single time you are in the center wall on the first wave you can prepare for it before it comes.
    That is the only quest that you actually wanna blow up the waves with catapults before they get to the wall. Why? You have to defend 3 different spots so you will need more people involved in this side quest and less people taking care of the wall. So have someone in the catapults killing everything fast.

    Have 3 people by the Culvert that where the adds will come from to try to attack the bottom supplies. So make your stand there and kill them far away from the supplies area. Always set toons of triple-wires traps.
    Have 3 people in the room under the left tower. Put your triple-wire traps by the 3 windows. Kill everything and diffuse any bombs. The adds will try to destroy supplies and the winch.

    When Turbine says they will nerf it is probably because under the room on the right tower things go really nuts. Downstairs and by the left tower you get like 2 3 adds per wave. On the right room you get some time 6 8 adds at the same time.
    So what you do ? You have 3 people down by the Culvert, 3 people defending the left room, one firing catapults no stop to kill the waves to secure the wall … So that’s make 7! Just get the other 5 in the right room. If you have More adds all you need is more people in there. In some point the catapult person will not be able to kill anything else any more so he should join the people on the right room too make 6 people there. Thing get really crazy by wave 14 so you can even get one person from the left room leaving just 2 people there and bring one more to the right side making it 7 there lol. Yes that room is nuts !

    The trick for this quest is not having 4 people defending the wall like the others side quests. In that quest you gonna have just one in the catapult making sure the waves will never get to the wall. So no adds, no ladder, no hooks, nothing to kill your banners and soldier so no need to have people there!
    So if you have your teams in the right places with toons of traps before the quest even begins and someone good at the catapults to secure the wall, that quest can’t go wrong! Easy Platinum!

    Note: that quest will be EPIC nerf in next update so if you having trouble just wait for the nerf and get it done!

    Center Wall if Second wave – Siege Under Fire

    Same as always, that second quest will happen downstairs behinde the wall. In this one again adds will come from the Culvert and from the river in between the 2 houses where the Flaking Foe quest happens.
    So have 4 people by the Culvert, 4 people by the river between the 2 houses and just blow everything far away from the supplies they are trying to destroy!
    For some reason in this quest you get a lot of adds upstairs on the left and right catapult. So I recommend you have your 4 wall people going up stairs to check adds there. They might kill a soldier and get you platinum from the main quest. SO KEEP AN EYE IN NPCS PEOPLE BY THE CATAPULS until this quest is over!

    What can wrong is a toon of adds staking upstairs in the towers, kill the NPCS came down and kill your wall team lol! SO AGAIN CHECK THE TOWERS!


    Center Wall if Third wave – The Vanguard Defilers

    That quest is pretty much the same as the Shells in the air. First, you going to kill a big guy that will spawn in the middle of the wall.
    The trick for this quest again is to set up before it start since you know you always gonna get this quest if you are in the center wall by the third wave. Like the Vandals one you gonna have to set you traps on the left and right rooms by the windows. After around 30 secs that the big one spawn defiler will spawn by the widows in both sides and will try to put totem’s down. They like to run downstairs and put totems there so make sure you do not miss any defiler running down!
    So have everyone killing the big one for the first 20 25 secs them send 4 people to the left room , 4 people to the right room an let the wall team finish the big one. REMEMBER start putting you traps as soon as you get to the wall, don’t wait for the quest. So by the time the quest starts you already gonna have traps every where in both rooms.
    The only thing that can wrong is missing a totem but again if you prepare before the quest comes that cant go wrong. Easy Platinum!

    Easter Wall if First Wave – Assault on the East Tower

    Pretty easy one! Have 4 people defending the bottom room, 2 people defending the middle room and 2 people upstairs by the catapult. Kill stuff and protect the labors. That is a 100% face roll quest. CANT GO WRONG! Easy Platinum!

    Easter wall if Second wave – A Flanking Foe - YOU NEED 38 supplies delivered

    That is really easy one. Get downstairs behinde the Easter wall. Have 1 tank and one healer fallowing Gimli and his noobs cadets during his patrol. Keep the cadets alive they die like papers. The other 4 people should defend the labors that are carrying supplies.
    That is it … One team fallow Gimli and the cadets the other team stay and protect the labors. Cant go wrong!
    The adds spawn from the same areas as always. Again, even before the quest starts you have tons of triple-wires down and be ready to kill the adds!

    The drama is that Gimli complete his patrol to fast and don't give enough time for the labors to get enough supplies delivered. YOU NEED 38 supplies for a platinum! So the TRICK is to have them walk slow! So have one healer keeping the cadets alive and the tank piking up all the adds that comes from the Culvert. Don't kill the adds let them be killied by the cadets. If you keep one add alive you will be able to make the patrolling stop where you want like 1/4 or 2/4 or 3/4 and wait for the labors finish the work.

    You MUST go very slow on the wall so have people doing the hooks and the ladder and keep in mind that you will move the next all before completing that quest. You are supposed to have 4 labors caring supplies but 2 kind bug so the quest goes very slow and you will complete it by the time you get in to the third wave!

    Note: that will be fixed in the next update so if you having trouble just wait till turbine fix it!

    Easter wall if Third Wave – Bred for Battle

    That quest you gonna have to fight 3 SHAK-HAI. One will spawn by the wall, the second will be in the middle room half way to the catapult and the last one upstairs by the catapult.
    Just have 4 people killing each one of them! Make sure you interrupt or they will use abilities and take your platinum away. Best way to do is KILL ALL 3 in one minute so they don’t even have time to go funny doing silly stuff like killing people and using abilities lol.

    Hummm …. So I guess that is all I have to say about Deeping Wall EPIC BIG BATTLE! Have your wall team taking care of the wall. Check the wall you in and the wave you are fighting so you know what quest will come next. Send your side quest team ahead of time to get ready. Don't screw it and be happy!

    Have fun! I wish you all the Platinum’s in the world lol!

    PS: the same logic about knowing which quest you goanna get applies for all the Big Battles!

    Utleth - We Got This kin - Nimrodel Server
    Still retired ! Is just that that new 12 man is so easy that I don't even consider it as raid or an high-end game content! But it is kind fun to do it a couple of times!

    Special thanks to my EPIC FRIEND CHILY actually he is the one that deservers a lot of credit !
    And as always to the same people that spend EPIC 4 days to complete it all! My god just 4 days so sad!
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    your mind
    Great details, having done it, there were still nuggets of info I didn't know, thanks for this!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Utleth View Post
    Center Wall if First wave – Vandals in the Tower

    I see many people complaining that this quest is broken or it is to hard. I don’t get why.
    It is broken because when you lose one supply in the right tower (I think... it is not any supply but some specific ones) your merit resets to 0 (iron medal) and never becomes higher again. I saw it dropping to 0 from a golden level with just one supply lost. The quest is surely doable if your group has high number of dps classes, but the bug is still there and it should be fixed. I agree that the overall difficulty would be fine as it is though.

    I find it rather depressing that if you just stack aoe dps classes this battle becomes so trivial, and that some of the classes and traditional roles (tanking, cc, debuffing) have little to no use here.
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    It's currently possible to get a platinum on A Flanking Foe, just by kiting the waves around and letting the laborers deliver 30+ supplies. Sadly it takes forever and will likely extend past the start of the 3rd side-quest. Probably best to wait till it's fixed.

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    Thanks for putting this together.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Utleth View Post

    Easter wall if Second wave – A Flanking Foe

    Sadly this quest is broken we did it perfect sometimes but you get stuck on silver. Turbine will fix that in the next update.
    That is really easy one. Get downstairs be hide the Easter wall. Have 4 people fallowing Gimli and his noobs cadets during his patrol. Keep the cadets alive they die like papers. The other 4 people should defend the labors that are carrying supplies.
    It's possible to achive a Gold Medal in this Quest.
    We got 19 supplies deliverd (of 20 max ?).
    Our approach:
    All DPS defend the storage and only a guardian and a mini go with Gimli.
    3 ppl. are on the wall to buy as much time as possible (hooks and ladders are the key!)

    The Proof:

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    20 is not the max, we managed to get 25 supplies on one attempt and only gave us a gold medal. This involved excessive mob kiting well into the 3th wave on the main wall by the tank escorting gimli to drag out the quest as long as possible.
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