As it is the E&G is really only good for Epics, TP Allotment, Mithril Coin Allotment, a Skirmish Hall, Outfits, Gear obtaining, Virtues, Monster Play advancement and Mounted Combat. Rock the skirmish stone will give you marks/medallions/seals/rep barter currency but he has no quest ring over him.

Copied characters cannot auto level or advance reputation,

So with this new version of the E&G it is no longer possible to auto level any of our copied characters. This needs to be looked at again. I have always tried to only use e&g characters to test out 'new' mechanics such as what skills you get at lower levels etc. Going into End Game on an E&G character can be quite frustrating as it takes you a lot of time to first setup all your skills so that they are where you like them on your live characters then decking out your LIs so they are even close to your old live ones takes a ton of time. The LI issue alone made it so I never tested out the RK in beta once my character copies started to fail, I would only take an e&g RK to test out the fundamental aspects of the class figuring out how the new DNF, stones, etc worked.

Reputation has always been gated in the E&G however much we would like to have full access to reputation on our copied characters this has always been off the board so we've lived with it.

Something else to keep in mind is with the changes to Character Copy it is now possible for players never to be able to copy their characters over to Bullroarer ever again. I only have one character over there from the live servers and he was one I got in with build 4.2 I think it is... After that every Char Copy failed saying that the characters already existed or giving some weird error message I think it was 7. So myself and others will only ever have old RoR copies of any character on Bullroarer until it it is decided to do a server wipe and from then on if that error is not fixed they will be forced to only ever use E&G characters which takes hours to setup the advanced classes for you to test out.

I believe this also all applies to preexisting e&g characters from Beta. I'm seeing a lot of them running around the same locked up version of the E&G