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    Eyes & Guard Tavern FAQ

    How do you get to the Eyes and Guard Tavern?

    • There are two doors available to get to the Tavern. These doors are present in both the Introduction instance and the permanent world:
      • In Thorin's Gate, to the west of Frerin's Court across from the Craft Hall
      • In Archet, in the alley near the jail.
      • Hint: The doors are easier to see if you have Item Names on.

    Why do some of the NPCs in the Tavern not work for me?

    The short answer: Because you didn't complete Kehleyr's quest.
    The long answer: If your character completed the Introduction by one of these methods...

    • Completing it legitmately by running the Introduction quests
    • Purchasing the Veteran Status Item from the LOTRO Store
    • Completing the Skip Introduction (available to older characters some years back)

    ... then Kehleyr's Skip Introduction Quest, and therefore most of the Tavern's level-up services, will not be available.

    Also, Kehleyr's quest is not available to Beornings, therefore the level up services associated with that quest will not be active.

    I've used a level up bestower, but I don't have my Racial Traits, Class Deeds or Virtues. Why?

    None of the level up bestowers grant Traits. Speak to Snowlight to obtain your Racial Traits, Temerity for Virtues, and Bobo for Class Traits.

    Why can't I use any of the Reputation Bestowers on my copied character? How do I increase their Reputation?

    This is by design. Copied characters should not be attempting to increase their Reputation. The intention of copied characters is to use them as they are when brought in from Live and test the new content with no alterations.
    The Tavern was designed to allow players to create characters quickly, with all the necessary levels, traits, equipment and Reputation to test higher level content.

    How do I get my Legendary Weapons and Class Items? How do I improve them?

    • Packages purchased from Egg will give you weapons and Class items appropriate for your character.
    • Rock, the Grim in the Tavern Skirmish Camp, will reward you with a plethora of Skirmish Currencies for completing his quests. You can then barter for Third Age Legendary Class Items at any Skirmish Camp for Medallions and Marks. Third Age Weapons can be obtained through various barter NPC's in Middle-earth (such as the 21st Hall). Currencies can be exchanged in Skirmish Camps.
    • All Symbols and other materials required to craft Legendary Items can be found in the various vendor crates in the Tavern Craft Hall. Be sure the check the Special Goods Crates for symbols and fragments.
    • Use Budgeford, Tavern Skirmish Camp NPCS, and the LOTRO Store to improve your Legendary Items.

    Where do I get my Guild Recipes?

    Guild Recipes can be obtained throughout the various Guild Halls in Middle-earth. Because there are Guild areas like Galtrev that already have all guild services in one place and can be easily mapped to and from we didn't feel the need to put these NPC's in the E&G.

    How do I get Turbine Points?

    in the main room of the E&G will bestow your daily Turbine Point allowance.

    Do the points I spend on Bullroarer come out of my Live Turbine Point count?

    No. You have your own pool of Turbine Points on the Bullroarer server. Also, any account wide purchases you make on Bullroarer (such as Shared Storage or Quest Packs) will not affect your Live account.

    I have really uber gear on my Live character, and it can't be copied. How can I get all the same gear on Bullroarer?

    • You can get pieces of the Draigoch sets as well as the lesser Isengard Instance gear by getting Marks, Medallions, and Seals from Rock in the E&G Skirmish Camp and going to either Galtrev (Draigoch Set) or the Ox-Clan Camp (Lesser Isengard Sets).
    • Erebor & Orthanc sets can be obtained by first getting the Deeds from JWBarry and then getting the gear in the usual fashion. Rock also has a quest for Hytbolt tokens that will allow you to quickly finish the access quests for that area and then barter for the appropriate gear sets.
    • Materials for all Crafted Items should be available in the various crates located in the Crafting Hall, including symbols for First Age Weapons.
    • While we understand the desire to mimic your Live character as much as possible, unless we are actually testing Raids you shouldn't need it. In fact, it is beneficial for us if you test content in a variety of Quest/Crafted/Skirmish equipment.

    How do I skip the Skirmish Tutorial?

    , the 'Skirmish Advancement' NPC outside the E&G Skirmish Camp, has a quest that will skip the Skirmish Tutorial for you.
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    Eyes and Guard! OMG! After 6 years, I get it! Isengard. Duh...
    "Juan ring to rule them all." - Juaquino, Loth Angelien, Californiath

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    LOL and i just got it reading your post....ugh....always wondered on that name, never once did it dawn on me....

    you are not alone

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    Je ne sais pas si c'est pareil pour vous mais moi je ne vois pas de quête menant a la taverne et je ne peut non plus transférer de personnage. Merci d'avance

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    eyes and guard tavern

    eyes and guard tavern door not showing up is it broke fix

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    Quote Originally Posted by shanahan719 View Post
    eyes and guard tavern door not showing up is it broke fix
    Hi! As I understand it, this test round is solely for the transfer bits - what works, what doesn't, what xfers as it should and what does not.

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    eyes and guard tavern

    whys does QA not anser my post when I tell them eye and guard tavern not working still broke when a post says tavern is open but not woking

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    Eyes and Guard Tavern closed during server transfer testing.

    The Eyes and Guard Tavern is closed for server transfer testing. It will re-open for our next content beta testing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JuaQuins View Post
    Eyes and Guard! OMG! After 6 years, I get it! Isengard. Duh...
    My mind. It is blown.

    Never realized that either!!!
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    Mordor Gear

    As an important addition - most of the Mordor testing gear is on Vastin - just on your left as you walk in from the tavern's entry point.

    I stacked it all on him rather than distributing it among all the random gear NPC's in there, because it personally drove me nuts trying to remember who had what.

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    Looking back, I sort of wish every Expansion Pack was given it's own Dev NPC for gear / stuff in the Eyes & Guard.

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    I transferred a 105 Character, (Hunter Explorer) and no quest at all was active via Kehleyr, probably because I had most or all the intros already.
    However, why can I not get MC XP? Nor faction reputation? (Some gear is gated behind faction rep, you know, even for cosmetic purposes only).
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