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    Guide to the Eyes & Guard Tavern

    Important Notes about The Eyes and Guard Tavern

    Please note the Tavern has not been updated for Beornings. There will be a lot of services (such as Racial Traits, Class Items, Weapons, etc) that will not be available to this class. Auto-leveling is also not available for Beornings.

    Players are encouraged to read the following thread if they are unfamiliar with the Tavern:

    The Eyes & Guard Tavern FAQ

    Auto-leveled (Created) Characters

    Created Characters must speak to Kehleyr and complete the Introduction via her quest in order to gain access to the other Level-up NPCs in the Tavern. If you complete the Introduction via any other method you will not be able to use the level-up services in the Tavern.

    Copied Characters

    Level-up services in the Tavern are not available to you. This includes Deeds and Reputation. This is intended, and admins will not assist copies. Please do not harass admins to affect copied characters.

    The entire point of a copy is to bring them into the world as they would be if we posted the build to Live. To allow manipulation by the NPCs would defeat this purpose.

    If you wish to test higher level content, you will need to create a character if your copy does not meet your needs.

    All characters have access to the tavern as soon as they have completed the short starter quest specific to their race. (If you Skip Tutorial at character creation the doors are available immediately). The doors are much easier to locate if you have your floaty names for 'Items' on.

    • In Archet (for hobbits and Race of Man) the tavern is located across the courtyard from Amdir (Jon Brackenbrook in burned down Archet)
    • In Thorin's Gate (for Elves and dwarves) the tavern is located around the corner to the west from Frerin's Court

    Services Available to All Characters

    Main Tavern

    • Jinjaah: Outfit Provider
    • Iceman: Map-maker (single use travel maps to several locations). Also sells a Travel Traits item which grants several Travel Restricting Traits, including Seeker of Deep Places which is needed for Legendary Item use.
    • Snowlight: Racial Trait Bestower (this NPC does not work with Beornings)
    • Charvey: Auctioneer
    • Dimentoad: Potion-maker (also sells foods)
    • Aubergine: Turbine Point & Mithril Coin allowance Bestower
    • Egg: Class Weapons & Jewellery Vendor
    • Eldorudo: Armour Vendor
    • Scarycrow: Relic & Forge-master (Speak to Stumpy the Balrog and finish V2B1 or purchase the Travel Traits item from Iceman to use this NPC)
    • Charlie: Gold Allowance Bestower
    • Squidtank: Class Item Vendor
    • Temerity: Virtues
      • There are 3 Ranks of Virtues available by level
        • Level 25+ grants 4 Ranks
        • Level 40+ grants 6 Ranks
        • Level 50+ grants 8 Ranks

      • These ranks are cumulative - if you do all 3 of Temerity's quests you will have Rank 18 Virtues.

    • Vastin: Mordor Test Gear Packages
    • Amlug: Vault-keeper
    • Budgeford: Legendary Item Store
      • Sells a variety of items to assist on improving your Legendary Items
      • Does not sell legacies. Legacies need to be purchased from the LOTRO Store.

    Basement Level

    • Skirmish Camp NPCs: Standard Skirmish NPC services
    • Rock: Skirmish & Barter Currencies
    • Trennor: Skirmish Advancement (bestows a quest to Skip the Skirmish Tutorials)
      • Please note: If you use this NPC's Skip Skirmish Tutorial quest the regular Tutorial, while being available, will not work. There shouldn't be any reason to attempt to - you should be able to run skirmishes and trait your soldiers by just doing the Skip quest.

    • JWBarry: Orthanc & Erebor Raid Deed Bestower/ Epic Battles Promotion Points Bestower
    • Tens: Volume I Epic Book bestower. All 15 Volume I Epic Books
    • Stumpy: Volume II Epic Book bestower. All 9 Volume II Epic Books
    • Mithlin: Volume III Epic Book bestower. All Volume III Epic Books, currently up through Book 14
    • Orion: Monster Play Level-up Bestower (This NPC does not work for Beornings)
      • (E&G Tavern/Glan Vraig) for Freeps (note: You must be at least level 40)
      • (Gramsfoot) for Creeps
      • These NPCs will grant quests in increments
        • Monster Play - Rank Up! (3)
        • Monster Play - Rank Up (5)!
        • Monster Play - Rank Up (7)!
        • Monster Play - Rank Up (9)!
        • Monster Play - Rank Up (12)!
        • Monster Play - Rank Up (15)!

      • Each quest will grant the necessary amount of glory/infamy to bring you to the indicated rank, and bestow items that you can barter in Glan Vraig/Gramsfoot.

    Tavern Crafting Hall

    • Rhidden: the Crafting Level-up Bestower.
      • Through this Master of Apprentices you can train any one of the 7 Crafting Vocations, and then auto-level the 3 Professions within that Vocation.
      • Note: You should not use this NPC with copied characters that already have Crafting Experience unless you wish to completely wipe out the current Vocation and start a new one
      • You will be granted Westemnet Master Proficiency in the Professions for which you choose to do the quests
      • You will have completed the Superior Facility quest.
      • You will be given Bronze Trade tools for your Professions.
      • These quests are repeatable on a 12 hour cooldown.

    • Ayvan: Crafting Shard Bestower
    • Mister Alexander: Crafting Guild Trainer and Guild Reputation Bestower
      • You will be granted enough reputation to reach Westemnet Master of the Guild when completing this quest.
      • This quest will bypass the Guild Cap restriction for Premium & F2P Characters.

    • Spaki: Forge-master (Speak to Stumpy the Balrog and finish V2B1 or purchase the Travel Traits item from Iceman to use this NPC)
    • Saxolf: Relic-master (Speak to Stumpy the Balrog and finish V2B1 or purchase the Travel Traits item from Iceman to use this NPC)
    • Facilities for all Crafting Professions including Farming
    • Istien: Vault-keeper
    • Destructhor: Auctioneer

    Crafting Vendors
    • Well-meaning Crate Stacks: Crafting Supply Vendors, including raw materials for Foresting, Prospecting and Scholars as well as Special Goods (Symbols and Reputation items)
    • Friendly Bookshelves: Recipe Vendors (all non-Guild Vendor and World Drop recipes, including Reputation recipes)
      • NOTE: Guild recipes are not sold in the E&G Craft Hall. You will need to go to Galtrev or other town that has a Guild Hall for your Profession to obtain Recipes for your Crafting Guild.

    • Kelt & Major Malphuntion: Suppliers
    • Matthieu Jackedarmes: Fishing Supplier
    • Scarecrow: Expert Scholar
    • Brainasium: Expert Cook
    • Trout: Expert Farmhand
    • Chronos: Expert Weaponcrafter
    • LinkFrost: Expert Metalsmith
    • Miradan: Expert Jeweller
    • Ayngst: Expert Tailor
    • Nekros: Expert Woodworker

    Additional Services Available to Created Characters

    NOTE: On occasion we may need a particular system to be tested, and the use of a Level-up service may be detrimental to those needs. In situations such as these, an NPC may not be available for use. Please refer to the current Patch Notes and Server Update announcements whenever an NPC is not available.

    • Kehleyr: E&G Tavern Introduction
      • This quest is NOT available to Beornings.
      • You must complete the Intro with this NPC to open up the rest of the Tavern's level up services.
      • If your character has already completed the Intro (ie Copied Characters, created characters that ran the Intro quests legitimately, or characters that completed the Intro with the Veteran Status item from the LOTRO Store) this NPC will not have a quest for you, nor will you be able to access other Tavern Level-up services.
      • This quest will grant the following:
        • Steed of the Eastemnet
        • Dusky Nimblefoot Goat
        • War-steed
        • Milestone Skill
        • Eyes and Guard Tavern Map
        • Riding (characteristic)
        • War-steed Riding (characteristic)
        • Seeker of Deep Places (characteristic)
        • Novice (characteristic)
        • Trusted in Caras Galadhon (characteristic)

    • Level-up Bestowers
      • Maid of Lions: (1-50) - offers level advancement to level 10 through level 50
      • Pinion: (51-85)
      • Sarumango: (86-95)

    • Avon: Mounted Combat
      • Grants points to assist in leveling up your War-steed

    • Bobo: Class Trait Points
      • Completes all Class Quests and Deeds that grant a Trait Point
      • Only grants the 15 Trait points rewarded for these quests and deeds. Points granted through levels and region quests must be obtained via normal means.

    • Ransroth: Early Reputation
      • Each Reputation Faction has a Quest Series related to it
      • Reputation is granted in levels - you must complete all 4 quests in a Faction to reach Kindred (5 for the Lossoth of Forochel, 1 quest each for the 8 Dol Amroth - [Faction])
      • Only Regional Reputation is granted. Special factions such as the Eldgang or the Inn League are not included.

    All other NPCs in the Tavern are color and do not serve any level-up or vendor function.
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    Day-Glo Effect in E&G

    Have mentioned this before and still it is a problem

    It only happens in the Crafting Hall of the E&G

    I run LOTRO in 4K res, and Ultra High Settings. The game is beautiful, even more so than when I ran it on 1080p

    Yet EVERY time I enter the craft hall I have to drop my settings down to High or (most times) Medium, because of the dreaded Day-Glo Green graphics

    At one time you could just run out and run back in to fix it.
    But that doesn't appear to work anymore
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    Not sure I want them to even think twice about an area that only appears on the test server. Focus on issues in Live, and only live.

    MAWorking had the highest post count on the pre-beta LOTRO forums. He was truly an icon and clearly, hasn't changed a bit. -Meghan/aka Patience

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    Quote Originally Posted by MAWorking View Post
    Raises Hand

    Not sure I want them to even think twice about an area that only appears on the test server. Focus on issues in Live, and only live.
    This day-glo effect has happened on Live a cpl of years back. It got sorted

    And as it happens I have found another solution, sort of

    As I was running on 4k Ultra-high, I decided to look into the "Advanced Graphics" a bit deeper

    That's when I noticed

    Refresh Rate = Auto

    Changed it to 30Hz and voila

    No more Day-glo, and still running at 4k Ultra
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