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    Quickslots hide/shown problem

    Recently i installed 64 bit OS and need to install LOTRO again. My problem is quickslot bars 4 and 5 (or 5 and 6 ) if we assuming 1 quickslot is fixed.
    Usually i use 4 and 5 vertically and for some travel skills and so on...Before reinstall 4 and 5 shown and hide when open bags, and this is perfect for me.Now i can figure how to obtain that again. I try to check
    -Lock/unlock Quickslots
    -Always Shown on/off
    and no luck at all
    When open bags bars 4 and 5 not shown.
    I remember I had a similar problem before 2-3 years, and manage to find solution in forum, but cannot find it now.
    Plz if someone have solution or link to similar thread, I will be grateful.

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    You don't mention if you can see them at all at any time.

    If you can see them on the screen, just use the Always Show Bar 4 and Always Show Bar 5 options and that should make them display at all times. This will cause them to be displayed even when empty. When your packs are open, it will also display a blank box for the slots that do not have an icon associated with them.

    If you can't, you need to use Ctrl-\ to show the UI layout controls so you can be sure that they are on the screen and have not moved off of it due to a different screen size. If you can't see the drag bars for Bar 4 and Bar 5, then they have moved off screen.

    The best way to correct this is to create a new character and try the above again. The new character will have the bars in the default position and this will allow you to use '/UI layout save <optional file name>' command to store the layout so it can be used on another toon. '/UI layout load <optional file name>' can be used from another toon to give it the same layout screen. Move the UI around as needed for your new screen and save again for future reference and to allow you to set up each character with the same UI pattern.
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    Quickslot bars 4 and 5 are full with mount icons and fast travel locations.
    If I set Always Show option ON-they display normal and stay always on screen exactly where I set them, I'm ok with that.
    When i set "Always Show-OFF" - they dissapear and cannot see them. ?ven when open bags, before reinstall if I open bags they are visible-when close bags they dissapear.
    I dont need to see them constantly, I need to see them only when open bags and cannot achieved that.

    I create new char-same things hapen.
    Thx for advise anyway.

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    Curious, other than showing empty slots when bags are open, I've not known bars to correlate to bag visibility at all.

    Perhaps your best solution, if you still have access to your previous install/system/backups, would be to copy the user settings file from it to the corresponding place on your new system?
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