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Thread: Chat problems

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    Chat problems

    Soon as I post a kinship chat message, my client locks up. I cannot log off or move. This just started today.

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    that's odd. i'd definitely turn in a bug report. can you send in-game PM's to people in the kin? and normal chat channels work ok?

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    Oct 2011
    I have same problems and no can't use chat or PMs. Now have been disconnected and can't log back in to any server. Gets to queueing to connect then fails every time.

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    I'm not getting booted from the game but I am constantly getting disconnected/reconnected to the chat server

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    I logged in last night and tried to do a little crafting. I kept losing connection to the server and eventually get kicked from the game. Haven't logged on yet this morning. We'll see...

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    In case it helps to troubleshoot, the chat client ports are 2900-2913.

    You may also want to work through the connection sticky and first try taking your client out of the firewall exceptions and add it back.

    There could also be an issue at some internet connection along the path to the Lotro servers when connection issues happen. Sometimes just waiting a day or so does the trick.



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