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    When playing via Streaming Download, does the game use extra RAM?

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm used to playing pretty demanding games but this game is using more memory than all of them. My memory usage with LOTRO client streaming download and playing is 98 percent. However, when I have the game closed it is at only 16 percent. I have 4GB of RAM. Even games like Vindictus or Skyrim/GTA 4 with all the graphics enhancement mods don't set aside that much RAM. Is this only while playing Streaming Download?

    For example, Vindictus takes up 1.5GB and LOTRO says it only takes up 860MB but when LOTRO is open it is using way more than it says. Just wondering if the full game will be less taxing when fully downloaded. From what I see, the textures aren't anywhere near as complex as some of those other games so something seems fishy.

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    The 860 MB number is what Lotro used back in 2007 when it launched. That number is way out of date now. I haven't checked on my Windows 64-bit machine how much memory Lotro uses. I believe Lotro will take close 3 GBs if it can get it. The remaining memory on your PC is used for the streaming down loader which is not part of Lotro. The down loader is another application using memory and CPU. The OS is using memory. All the applications on your PC running in the background are using memory.

    Lotro uses memory for the game play. Uses memory for a texture cache so that it does not have to go to disk as much. Lotro uses memory for a lot of tables like skill trees, deeds, inventory, reputation, quests, kinship roster, crafting recipes, legendary items, war horse skill trees, skirmish traits, skirmish stats, barter wallet. Not all of which will be applicable to you at this time.
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    On Win 8, the most working set RAM I have seen used is just under 2 GB. I have seen the commit charge go significantly over that. On 32 bit versions, you'll have issues with RAM/commit charge if you don't fiddle with your UserVirtualAddress (userva) allocation. The client is /largeaddressaware and will use 3GB if available. I have 8GB system RAM, but I've had to use my backup 32 bit Win 8, so I have had the occasional crash from HeapAlloc() throwing an exception. On my 64 bit system, I don't crash.
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