Hi everyone, I'm going to give the game a try for the first time in the next few days (on Landroval, I've heard it's RP-friendly). I've read The Hobbit and LOTR and seen the movies, but it's been a while and my grasp of the lore is not as great as it could be. I had planned to make a Man from Dale as my first character (Champion probably, I hear they're good for newcomers). Because I'm not as great on the lore I had planned on RPing a human who hasn't traveled beyond Dale before and is fairly ignorant of the world. I had two main questions on that point:

1) How much do average people in Dale see the non-human races? I know they have regular interaction with the Dwarves of Lonely Mountain, but since the Battle of Five Armies is long past, is it likely that a person in Dale has even seen an Elf before? Would a man from Dale even know Hobbits exist, and is Bilbo's role in the area common knowledge? Right before the War of the Ring is there much conflict with orcs and such?

2) What do average citizens of Dale know about Bree, Rohan, and Gondor? Would they know much of what is happening in these areas, they seem pretty far away?

Sorry if that's a bit verbose and thanks in advance for any information.