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    Quote Originally Posted by Rubriel View Post
    No... don't scale us down. Scale everything else up instead! Give all instance mobs twice as much morale, higher mits and boost their damage outputs a little, especially bosses. Way more fun.
    You might want to find out what happened when Turbine tried something similar in DDO. Due to a lack of end-game content, they decided to include "epic [level] quests" (no relation to LOTRO epic storyline). Essentially the idea was to include mobs with jacked up damage and health, and drop bits and pieces of parts that can be converted into "epic" versions of your old gear. In reality, it was the same game only much, much, slower. It also steered player into whatever broken system gave the most DPS, simply to get through the boredom of these quests faster.

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    What I wish to find in Update 12.1:
    - Fixing some bugs in landmark quests which have /bug... not too much in fact. Also activate sidequests in BB which are missing
    - BB limits : when player goes beyond intented limits of the instance, not have an instant death but a warning before death.
    - Instance finder bug when the window pops after leaving the instance for all group.
    - Loot : challenge not giving the guaranteed teal drop, repartition of loot (cf Verizal's post). Each instance should have its own loot table as for update 10. Also for now, loots seems to have only very little variation in stats (no more incoming healing, resistance etc).
    - Seals only drop in raid scale instances/skirmishes/BB.
    - PvMP armour 95 sets and balance between Freeps/Creeps
    - General balance (instances and raid getting too easy). Classes seems too much overpowered which annihilate any challenge in instances....Seriously... Mobs and bosses need to have more damage output and mitigations.
    - Flawed Symbol of Celebrimbor too easy to get by bartering... Should be dropped in raid scale instances or available upon completion of a deed. Raise the drop rate of emerald shards to compensate.
    - Possibility to save the toolbars and skills placement when changing of traits tree... For now it's quite messy when swapping.
    - Warbands : some of them are labelled raid size, they can be soloed without any problem.
    - Warden : some skills have the same icon.
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    What I hope the update will fix:

    The invisible character/NPC/mob bug.

    Everything else seems unimportant to a good number of us that can't even play since HD was released. Not that there are not other issues but fixing small in game flaws and being over looked two updates in a row is really going to upset the people that would at least accept playing a flawed game over no game.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lindt View Post
    I think Turbine wants people to breeze through lower level content so they start paying for expansions earlier. In upper levels and with instances you will have more choice in how "epic" you want to be and won't survive so easily in quest-reward and uncrit'ed crafted gear. Just make sure if you are trying to get in a group that you let people examine you and to explain how you don't want to be overpowered...
    I won't BE playing higher level content. Turbine sold a load of us players XP Disablers specifically so we could stay back in lower levels longer and NOT rush to endgame. If they wanted us to rush to endgame they shouldn't have sold us the Disablers should they? And I don't have to worry about explaing to groups about not wanting to be overpowered, because I am part of a large kin dedicated to play all content on level using disablers. Finding groups is no problem!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kryhavoc99 View Post
    You need to learn the spell 'Expulso Fartrotum'.
    LMAO so thats what the twins did to Ron Weasely.........
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wof View Post
    I'm afraid not equiping the best gear makes no difference for lower level characters.

    My lvl 11 Hunter yellow line trapper (using XP disabler to stay low level) is equipped with only, quest reward armour and is using a lvl 7 self crafted (uncritted) bow. She is killing everything 'red labelled' 5/6 levels above her BEFORE they even reach the traps!

    My level 47 Lore Master is still using the gear she had when she was level 20 and is still slaughtering 'yellow' mobs as if they were 'gray' mobs. Even playing without summoning her pet 'yellow/orange' mobs are no challenge!

    The DPS is so OP that lower level questing is not worth playing. I don't feel epic, I feel like a big bully in a playground full of small kids who can't hurt me. Turbine NEEDS to scale back DPS!!!
    It was like this before the expansion for me on my LM and Burg. Landscape mobs have always been a joke in Lotro...at least since it went F2P.

    I never hurt no Creeps.

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    Update so soon?!



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    Quote Originally Posted by andrane View Post
    So there are quite a few urgent/important issues open. Any ETA?

    From top of my head:
    - Make the disabled BB quests available (since its the core feature of HD ^^)
    - Fix Brigands in the wild completly + Make the last quest instance available + uruk camp without uruks
    - Ettens 95 armour + balancing
    - LM losing will & morale on horsing up
    - many more i cant remember now, but i guess there are bug reports ...

    Would be nice to communicate dates/timeframes
    agree with all these, and have a few to add

    all classes dps nerfed
    all heals nerfed
    tanks b/p/e halved

    if all of the above arent done then mobs difficulty increased astronomically

    Second age symbols removed from the skirmish camps....come on turbine you made the mistake of t1 raids giving fa symbols in erebor, why make it so easy again? This would at least make people run skirmish raids more often, giving us seals and the chance of 1 dropping.

    Big battles platinum rewards - stop us getting the same drop over and over...or increase the seal drops so we can barter for the ones we want.

    Oh and most important some new raids/instances for xmas please


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