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  1. [Landroval] WINTERstock is coming ...

    And now for a Long-Expected Announcement! There is to be an Event of Special Magnificence! Perhaps you have already heard the rumors?

    Perhaps you have heard of another special event ... Weatherstock? Well, this event isn't going to be like that one at all. Weatherstock is still six months away, anyway.

    This event will be held this coming January, when it is snowy. It will be held over the weekend of January 17th through the 20th on the Landroval server, to be precise. Our Dwarven hosts would want me to be precise about that. Yes, yes, Dwarven hosts ... the event will be held at wintry Thorin's Gate!

    There shall be music!
    There shall be ale!
    And there shall be pie ... of course!
    And there shall be snow!
    Did I mention music?
    Did I mention the name of the event?

    Silly me ... Can someone give me a drum-roll, please?

    This Event of Special Magnificence ... is entitled ... The *WINTERSTOCK* Music Festival! Hosted by the Lonely Mountain Band.

    With performances by ...

    The Andune Ensemble
    Animal House
    Bara Bahau
    Bards Beers and LongBeards
    Bright Star
    Les Beaux Chapeaux
    The Breakfast Club
    Les Chantefables
    The Chosen Few
    Hobbiton Philharmonic
    Die Meisterbarden von Bree
    Mornie Alantie
    Muckin Fuddle
    No Whole Bard
    Old Winyards
    The Remediators
    A Rock and a Hard Place
    Runic Knights Orchestra
    The Shades
    The Songburrow Strollers
    The Starlight Orchestra
    Under The Sunlit Sky

    Please note that performing bands are subject to change. Times/Days to be announced. Also, unlike Weatherstock, there will be *no* band competitions during this event ... just a weekend chock full of great music!

    So, join us the weekend of January 17-20 for *WINTERSTOCK*! Winterstock will be held on the frozen pond next to the Silver Deep Mine at Thorin's Gate. Please remember to mark your calendars! And you might want to pack some warmer clothing, too.
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    Byrcha of Landroval, officer of the Lonely Mountain Band

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    And here is the official poster for the event:

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    As part of the Winterstock event series, Windy Acres Ranch is hosting a horse race and fashion contest!

    Join us in front of Thorin's Hall on Saturday, January 18th at 2:30pm for the Blue Mountain Classic, a race for standard (+62%) steeds, followed by a mounted winter-themed fashion contest.

    Prizes will be announced soon!
    --= Windy Acres Ranch -- http://SteelAndMagic.com =--

  4. Here is the Official Schedule* for Winterstock:

    * - still subject to change, of course

    note: all time are /servertime (EST).

    Fri. Jan. 17th, 2:00pm-7:00pm: Mornie Alantie, Bara Bahau, Les Chantefables, Muckin Fuddle, and A Rock and a Hard Place.

    Sat. Jan. 18th, 12:30pm-6:00pm: The Chosen Few, Breakfast Club, Windy Acres Ranch event, The Shades, and Under The Sunlit Sky.

    Sat. Jan. 18th, 9:00pm-1:00am: No Whole Bard, Animal House, and Bards Beers and LongBeards.

    Sun. Jan. 19th, 1:00pm-6:00pm: Hobbiton Philharmonic, Songburrow Strollers, Die Meisterbarden von Bree, The Andune Ensemble, and The Starlight Orchestra.

    Sun. Jan. 19th, 9:00pm-11:00pm: Bright Star, and Les Beaux Chapeaux.

    Mon. Jan. 20th, 8:00pm-11:00pm: The Remediators, Runic Knights Orchestra, and Old Winyards.

    Please mark your calendars! And do plan to wear something warm.
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    Byrcha of Landroval, officer of the Lonely Mountain Band

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    Schedule for Friday:

    Schedule for Saturday:
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    Schedule for Sunday:

    And last but not least the schedule for monday:
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