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Thread: Winter festival

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShireDweller View Post
    Will the festival tickets we have left over from last year still be usable this year?
    Mine have carried over in past years, so they probably will this year as well

  2. Sapience what can you tell us about Winter Festival this year?
    Any new events or cosmetics because Festivals have the best chance of getting me back online but only if there's a reason.
    I enjoyed last year's as much work as it was, I really hope it's expanded on since the last few festivals I've taken part in have been lacklustre.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ShireDweller View Post
    Will the festival tickets we have left over from last year still be usable this year?
    I'm wondering this as well, since a year ago Turbine said the new Festival Token currency would be the only festival currency going forward, but it still isn't. They swept that under the rug, perhaps thinking people would just forget about it. Honestly it wouldn't surprise me at all if they decided to go back to the old Yule Festival tokens, and stayed completely silent on the forums when people come on here outraged and demanding to know why last year's currency is still useless.
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    Yule festival is without a doubt my fave festival, I've been looking forward to it all year. I just hope there are more quests and prizes. And it's extended even further past it's end date.
    I'll enjoy getting drunk in and out game and running past that dead hobbit. It's so nice to see loads of people playing in frostbluff unlike the main game where I see one person everyother hour. (Eldar)

    Please have more/ new deeds, I did them ALL last year. If my toon was real they would of died from drink and work overdose.

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    Looking forward to playing Yule Fest. It is my favorite Festival of all. I started playing LOTRO about the time of Yule Fest and have always held a special place for it in my heart. I had also just moved to Germany and it was a vivid experience for me, everything was. Just wanted to say thank you Sapience for answering all the questions we throw at you, in such a kind manner.
    As for those horse races...to whomever stated it was "too easy" ....lucky you, because I happen to fail on a regular basis. Good day all....blessings from this hunter for your holiday season.

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    Ok we are a few hours into the 18th where is the festival I slept early in the day and i am here waiting with my wife. Like always no info no nothing just no Yule to be seen I should have started 3.5 hour ago come on and start the thing already. Whats the problem someone forget to throw the switch :-(
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    Might be because it's not yet 7 am in Boston.
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    it is now tho right, i'm waiting too.

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    Yule (jul in modern Swedish, joulu in Finnish, and for some very odd reason christmas in English - might have to do with some foreign religion that has been forced upon the inhabitants of the "isles") is this year on 21 of December at 18:11 (6:11 pm) UTC.

    So we are closing up ... will Turbine make it in time? Nothing yet as I can see (18th of December @ 7:41 am EST).

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    The Yule Festival will start today at any moment! https://www.lotro.com/forums/calenda...2013-12-18&c=1
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