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    unpopulated ruins

    I've had an idea for doing some RP based on exploring old ruins around Bree land and maybe east into Lonelands but finding ruins without a goblin or orc infestation seems to be a head ache. I'm ok with wild life, bears and the such but I'm looking for something about the equivalent of a days ride from Bree, and north into North Downs is out due to RP back story. Any recommendations would be appreciated.

    Holris of Landroval

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    The lands around the Bree Land Festival Grounds and Hengstacer Farms hold a few uninhabited ruins. Ruins east of the Festival Grounds, towards Nen Harn, are mostly infested with orcs. However, the furthest ruin out that way, right on Nen Harn, only contains two quest givers.

    If you ride out to the Brandy Hills then turn north and cross the river, you will find a lone giant standing vigil over a backpack. Uninhabited ruins lie in the hills near the giant.

    A bear infested ruin lies on a hill near Straddle. One of the explorer deeds takes you there.

    If spiders are acceptable, one or two ruins in the Midgewater Marshes qualify.

    There is a ruin in the hills north of Bree Town and west of Archet. You can actually see it from Archet, to your right as you ride towards Combe.

    There are some ruins generally southerly of the Bree Town south gate that may serve.

    If I get a chance I will ride out and get some coordinates.


    Section of wall ruins right outside Bree Town West Gate (29.9S, 54.3W)

    Section of wall ruins near Adso's Camp (29.3S, 57.5W)

    Tower ruin in Brandy Hills (29.9S, 62.1W) Highly recommended

    Stone circle ruin in Brandy Hills (28.0S, 62.1W) Pretty good

    Svalfang's Hut north of Brandy Hills (25.2S, 62.3W) A nice location but beware the giant.

    Tower ruin near Svalfang's Hut (26.5, 60.5W) Recommended

    Ost Barandor; large fort ruin near Svalfang's Hut (26.2S, 59.2W) Highly recommended; A few wild boars wander the ruin.

    Marshwater Fort in Midgewater Marshes (31.2S, 44.9W) The fort probably contains too many spiders for your purposes.

    Woodsedge Ruins in Midgewater Marshes (29.5, 45.8W) A smaller ruin with a couple spiders.

    The Crumbled Court near Straddle (30.4, 49.0W) The ruin contains a fair few bears.

    The Abandoned Graveyard (26.3S, 52.0W) While not meeting your criteria, it deserves mention as an excellent role play location.

    Hillshire Ruins (27.9S, 58.4W) The ruin contains many bears and some wall sections.

    Abandoned Fort (26.2S, 49.6W) This ruin offers the Freeze Tag game but may still suit your purposes.

    Wall Ruin (27.1S, 49.3W) This ruin overlooks Archet. Every new human and hobbit player sees it, but I doubt many make it up to the ruin proper, even though it lies a short distance from the Hedge Maze.

    Hunter's Camp (22.2S, 44.0W) Two quest givers hang out at this small ruin on Nen Harn. It would make a decent Base Camp for exploring the area. Watch out for L56 Half-orcs in the nearby hills.

    Nen Harn (20.0S, 41.6W) This ruin only offers a couple columns and some wall sections, but it wins on seclusion.

    That covers all the landscape ruins I can think of in Bree Land, but I can offer one more suggestion. With a high level character, start up an instance like Great Barrow: Maze or Garth Agarwen: Fortress and clear out all the monsters except the final boss. A high level character can complete this task very quickly. Now you have an instanced ruin to explore without interruption as long as you leave the last boss alone.

    Check out Ost Barandor first. In my opinion, it will best meet your needs.

    Good luck!
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    Awesome, thanks! I'll do some scouting tonight.
    Holris of Landroval

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    One of things that also helps, but most RPers are loathe to do, is to level up so everything in an area is grey. Then you don't have to worry about mobs and can ICly ignore them. Generally, +10 levels over an area is sufficient.
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    Thanks. My companion is 82 and I'm 65, so that provides us with some good options. We spent 3 days in Ost Barundan (sp) and had a blast. It was great to RP out in the environment instead of just around Bree and the Pony. We've begun planning out our next camping trip. Looks like we'll be making it a bit longer this time. Going to ride out to Trollshaws. I know of a couple great places there we can use.
    Holris of Landroval



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