Yes, I know there are countless threads about BB. Anyway I need to get this of my chest.
So first of all, I ´m not a power player. In the past I used to be in a kinship that was raiding frequently.
I still enjoy instances in random groups. Small an big ones but I´m not completely focused on just raids.
In the first place I was a bit dissapointed about BB beeing the new Endgame content but I thought let´s give it
a try. From the Helms Deep storyline it made sence to me to experience this huge battle in some other sort of way
than traditional instances. So I gave it a try the last two days.

I´m sorry but I have to admit, this is the most boring thing
I played, ever. Really I ´m standing there shooting trash mobs for like 10 minutes that are basically allready dead
because they´re getting killed by npc´s faster than i can get out a shoot. And I ´m a hunter, so how boring must that
be for melee classes ? If I´m not killing mobs I´m standing there for.. well it feels like hours clicking on ladders waiting
for a timer to finish.
I played games like "lotr:conquest" or "lotr:return of the king" that also contain big battles in some way
and those were actually fun ! But what the heck is this.. seriously ? To be honest I was allready bored when playing them the first time.
Also those events or quests inbetween don´t make it much better. It´s just shooting other mobs or maybe carry around some chests.
After two days I really have no motivation left to spend more time on BBs. Grinding Hythbold is more fun than this.
Sorry, but you really messed it up. It´s cr** ! Just my opinion.