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Thread: Phishing email?

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    Phishing email?

    I received this email today saying my password was reset, but I certainly did not reset my password. Is this a phishing email? If so, FYI...

    Hello [usernameremoved],

    A request has been made to change the password for your Turbine Account. Please follow the link below to change your password: (link)

    If you feel that this request is in error, or you did not make this request, log into your account to verify your settings.

    [FONT=arial]To manage your Turbine Account, log in with your username, [usernameremoved], at: (link)

    Thank you,

    Turbine Account Team

    I did NOT follow the links in the email. I did verify I can still log into my account successfully so my password was not reset.
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    The URLs appear to be correct for Turbine. Chances are someone forgot their username and was entering random usernames that they "thought" might be it. Just ignore it. If you don't follow the link your password will not be changed and the request will expire on its own.

    Several years ago there was a thread on this, and someone posted that they do just that. They enter a bunch of random usernames that they think may be it and see which one gets them the email. I'm sure there is more than just one person that does that.
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    I've sent you a PM, fizzit, please read it as a matter of great urgency.



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