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    AFK in Dol Amroth

    All things agility market

    Im looking to buy/trade the following items...all prices negotiable.
    Listed the names and expected instances they drop in. However, some of these may drop in other instances other than the ones listed below.


    -Greater Steadfast Helmet of Protection
    (Sambrog, Seat of great goblin)

    -Greater Steadfast Shoulderpads of Parrying
    (halls of night, Bells of Dale)

    -Greater Steadfast Cloak of Protection
    (BG, BFE)

    -Greater Steadfast Jacket of Evasion
    (NCF, Webs of Scuttledells)

    -Greater Steadfast Gloves of Parrying
    (Ost Elendil, OD Ivar)

    -Greater Steadfast Boots of Protection
    (Lost Temple, Seat of Great Goblin)


    -Greater Steadfast Earring of Evasion x2
    (Fornost Earth, Sambrog)

    -Greater Dextrous Earring of Fate
    (BG, GB Maze, OD Poison)

    -Greater Steadfast Necklace of Fate
    (Fornost Fire, Peak)

    -Greater Steadfast Bracelet of Parrying x2

    (Ost Elendil, NCF)

    -Greater Steadfast Ring of Blocking x2

    -Greater Steadfast Pocket of Protection
    (Fornost: Fire & Shadow wings)

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    I like it...The Hunter/Warden/Moors build.

    Can get quite a bit of crit defense/morale out of it for sure w/o a massive loss of Agility...at least not an amount that outweighs the benefit.

    Thanks for saving me time on this Pat & I will let you know if I get some spares drops.




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