When I boot up the client through steam (wish I didnt have to) everything is fine until after I log in. It says I connect and then it tells me
"login server busy, try again later"
At first I thought there was just too many people online, but this problem has persisted since the launch of helms deep. As somebody who invested into multiple expacs as well as preorder the premium helms, I am quite annoyed as I have been unable to use what I purchased.

If there will be no support for macs and or fail to resolve this problem, is it possible to get a refund? I love this game but dropping 60 dollars for something I physically have been unable to play seems a bit crazy.

If anyone knows how to solve my issue I would love to go ahead playing the game. I can deal with the standard lag that comes with the mac client. Its the inability to even get to the character select screen that pisses me off