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Thread: Helms Deep

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    I have a little problem..downloaded lotro two years ago..stuck at level one..bought helms deep thinking that would be one of my choices to get into the thick of battle. I don't see it and I am stuck like I was two years ago. Turbine took my money but not a road map to get use of the hard earned money I spent. My guess is you have to be at a certain level to play helms deep. What if I don't get there? Doesn't seen hardly fair that I spent this money and never get to achieve the place I spent all this money on. Also I purchased the VIP..not sure the value of that since I did purchase free stuff but now it wants more money for other purchases. Please help here. Is there something I can do..appreciate some guidance here. I will be upset if I threw my money down the drain.
    This is a fuging MMO, its not a movie where you pay to watch the whole thing. YOU PAY TO GO ON AN ADVENTURE, and if you spent enough time you "could" eventually unlock and access everything you faging paid for. You pay for an experience, not to slap sauron in the foging face.

    And you need to be level 10 yes. What, 2 hours into the game?

    Have you heard about the guy that walked up to his coach and told him he wanted the same amount of time on field as everyone else, because he spent the same amount of money on the equipment? I haven't.

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    Did you happen to notice the numerous misspellings of Strider? Do you really think that someone that wasn't able to get out of the tutorial would be able to find their way to the forums? It's a troll. Don't get so worked up over it.

    The sea is calling us home...


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