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    Eldar Laughing Section Etc - ELSE

    I decided to bring back some of pics and ofc post new ones, in this time of Ettenmoors silence.

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    Show us your LOTRO! submission

    'Show us your LOTRO' competition!


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    Thanks to Sneezles, she recognized ME in this photo :)

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    In 4 Thread of the year.

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    One of the creeps had some ideas to share with our Dark Lord.

    Here is the link to this picture, but zoomed in

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    Quote Originally Posted by BrekkaSrbenda View Post
    Here is the link to this picture, but zoomed in
    Pretty funny, but mostly incorrect.
    1. It's the films interpretation that Sauron wore the Ring outside his armour and moved his hand towards Isildur. According to the Silamrillion the battle took 7 years and Sauron was defeated before he lost the Ring.
    2. Sauron had a physical form during the Third Age. The Eye is a metaphor and wasn't his true form, as the films make you wrongly believe.
    3. Yes, the Ring brings only bad to others wearing it, but the whole power of the Ring "forces" you to keep it. You can't think straight/logically when you have the Ring, so it's not a matter of "stopping and thinking about it", as described in your picture.
    4. Sauron never expected anyone to go to Mordor to destroy the Ring. Besides, the whole power of the Ring is that one person can't voluntarily destroy it. It seems that Sauron was exactly right, if he was indeed convinced that a ring-bearer would choose to keep the ring for himself rather than destroy it. If it wasn't for the unforseen effects of Gollum the Ring would never have been destroyed.
    5. Sauron needed the pathway to Mount Doom to be open. Somewhere in the books it is said that Sauron forced his orcs to clear the pathway whenever it got blocked by the volcano eruptions.

    Yes, I'm fun at parties.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wardrat View Post

    Yes, I'm fun at parties.
    Hahaha highlight of the comment hahaha lol

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    Guardians and captains these days

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    Quote Originally Posted by BrekkaSrbenda View Post
    lol well played
    "The internet is a bubble dominated by the loudest, most unrepresentative voices; an infinitesimally small minority of a minority which, deaf to reason and the opinions of others, deludes itself that somehow it is the voice of the majority. An infinite echo chamber of shrieking, witless banality."


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