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    Ceaseless Oration? Filibuster?

    So, I was playing through Madh-fushaum in the Stonedeans on my RK, when I noticed the following...

    Are you seeing what I'm not seeing? Because, I'm not seeing a cooldown.
    I don't know how it happened. I don't know why it happened. I just want to know how I can keep making it happen.

    I proceeded to spank all the war-bands in westfold by spamming Oration of Embers. I got Bethan dead in less than 2 minutes (her adds were down when I got there), I only paused to switch to spam Ameliorating Oration to regain power.

    If this is a Helm's Deep bug, it's one I can live with.

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    Yes it is a bug but it only happens after you level up and untill you log out.
    Obviously it disapears at lv 95 after you log out.
    I've never been able to reproduce that one otherwise.

    Apparently it also modifies the steed's stats while active, giving more endurance and power and perhaps other things as well?

    Though for some reason it feels much more fun to play on horse with that bug then without.
    And I'm not talking about being overpowered. Even though it does make you quite a bit more powerfull.

    It's just that mounted combat feels so boring and uninspired as an RK that just having one button you can mash
    feels more interesting then waiting on cooldowns as is the case without...
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