This will be a kin that does both PvE and PvP. but our focus for now will be doing battles to get our golds and mastering the new 12 man battle by doing it once a day.

I will be online about 9pm eastern everyday and will get something organized shortly after like about 9:30pm eastern once we have enough members.

Will take players who just want to PvE instead of playing both sides to the game.

You will need to have atleast an 85 to join me in deeping wall 12 man for your class points.

You also must be a vent user and be able to get along with others.

Once we do start PvPing our goal will be to live up to our name and die trying to get kills rather than die running away. retreating will only be a strategic move to draw the other side out for more kills.

If you want a proven and competent leader and to be a part of kin that will push itself to become the best it can be, this could be the right one for you!

Plz send trinno a tell. I'm not anon.