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    Quote Originally Posted by thunderchickn View Post
    I'm guessing the mitigations is still going to be capped to 5. They're different effects, so I bet they can just make them have different amounts of targets as well.
    probably exactly this.

    in beta someone (forgot name sorry) tested and said the mits were working to the 5 targets but the aggro elemant was only going to 3 targets.

    on live the taunt isn't 10m at all. it's also kinda picky to how many targets it wants at times but hopefully it'll be fix with reading 12.1 ^_^

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    ll all of our skill make no aggro you are only doing dps. you have to use the taunt skill. And not use as 1 skill then you hit nothing. our taunt skill is were stupide it work like this use war cray or any old aggro skill then taunt and you hold aggro just fine and remember the cd is 20sec so use it all the time you can but if you need only to tank 1 mpc then us single aggro and taunt it look like it dun´t hit any other mpc except if you make your whey on the aggro list. Well it is stupid whey of tank. But I lvl 92 and holding aggro against lvl 95 campion full build easy
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    Tanked 4 more raids today. Spent all of my time chasing mobs that DPS was pulling
    away. Several times I literally put a 250K-ish mobs on "follow" and did everything I could
    to pull it while running around behind it. First of all, no amount of normal gambits would
    work. Sometimes DC would work but only for about 5 seconds, then the mobs was off
    chasing dps again. On a VERY FEW occasions after DC I would get a good aggro lock.
    Yes, I was in determination.

    I see many wardens in glff complaining that they can not tank well any more. This is
    not a rare condition affecting just a few wardens. Groups looking for tanks are wanting
    cappys and guards now, and passing on wardens. I can not blame them.

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    Sooo.. I hope everyone is following this discussion in the guard forums..



    Quote Originally Posted by Verizal View Post
    I do want to address this a bit and say that forced taunts were never intended to be the primary means of tanking. If anything, they should be viewed more as the "Oh ####" button of aggro generation, which is why we threw the modified threat catchup mechanic onto all of them. I realize that things are still in kind of a crazy state of balance with DPS right now, but we are actively ironing out the numbers to allow the comparatively low damage of tanks to still generate enough aggro to hold threat over dps roles. Again, we do not want tanks feeling as though they need to spec for damage aside from personal preference.

    Although not in the initial release notes (as it went in as a last minute change - it will be in the finalized notes), we have further increased aggro generation with tanks, and have further amplified the threat catch up mechanic to place a larger gap between tanks and the highest threat target.
    Quote Originally Posted by Verizal View Post
    Sorry, let me clarify. Forced Attacks are not meant to be any tank's primary means of aggro.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darlgon View Post
    Sooo.. I hope everyone is following this discussion in the guard forums..


    Increased DPS threat for tanks, that's good news.
    Luckily, the Guardian's change will affect us too...


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