I realize, belatedly, that I'd probably get a better answer here than over at the Kinship part of the forum, sorry.

It used to be a quite nice, friendly and helpful guild when I joined.

Today, I finally saw the current guild leader online; Chakkera, and asked about the kinship message that had been lingering for a couple of days, stating something along the lines of 'help yourselves to the kinship house chests'. Since it didn't affect all the kinship members, I questioned it.

It turned out the message was only aimed at one kinship member.

So I posted in the kinship channel:

'so why make it a general kinship message if it doesn't affect all?'

The moment I posted my question, I was expelled. Not for being inactive, not for being rude or using foul language or anything (I'm rather harmless) but for questioning the general kinship message?

Anyway, I'd just like to warn anyone who might to want to join this kinship that the current leader won't take critizism well. At all. Obviously.