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    Does anyone know what happened to the Shire folk to Bree landers kinship?

    I realize, belatedly, that I'd probably get a better answer here than over at the Kinship part of the forum, sorry.

    It used to be a quite nice, friendly and helpful guild when I joined.

    Today, I finally saw the current guild leader online; Chakkera, and asked about the kinship message that had been lingering for a couple of days, stating something along the lines of 'help yourselves to the kinship house chests'. Since it didn't affect all the kinship members, I questioned it.

    It turned out the message was only aimed at one kinship member.

    So I posted in the kinship channel:

    'so why make it a general kinship message if it doesn't affect all?'

    The moment I posted my question, I was expelled. Not for being inactive, not for being rude or using foul language or anything (I'm rather harmless) but for questioning the general kinship message?

    Anyway, I'd just like to warn anyone who might to want to join this kinship that the current leader won't take critizism well. At all. Obviously.

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    Is general a good idea to leave internal disagreements or other disputs outside offical forums, because as far as I know naming and shaming is not allowed on public forums.
    If I were you I would do a few attempts to ask for a reason why you got kicked out.. Otherwise move on and find a kinship you can be happy in. Unfortunally there is so much in this game that causes missunderstanding when things happens via text and such, so is a little hard for an outsider to have any opinions if they do not know any backgrounds and reason why people act in a certain way in a Kin.
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    I know

    Yes I do know and feel I should explain the situation

    Hello this is the old Leader/founder of Shire folk to breelanders

    I made the kin to make it a fun RP/Social kin, lead it for a year with succession, it was a really good active kin with 10 members on a day, I even heard from other kin’s all the time how they thought are members were great and helpful and I agreed obv
    The problem arose when I had to move house and I had to find more work so I was off the game for 2-3 months, I told the kin that this was happening and offered leadership to the officers for the time being but no one wanted to take control at that time due to them being a bit busy in life, I came back online to find that I was a member (ok I did not mind this as I was still busy) but also that the kin chests were locked to the members, which to me was strange, so I checked who was the new Leader (Chakkera) and sent him a mail asking why are the kin chests locked even stating that I don’t mind being a member that’s ok for now, to come back on the game the next day kicked from the kin, I was sickened and really hurt that someone could actually do this and that it is even allowed, he is kicking all the active players, demoted all the officers just so he can use the kin house as his personal bank.

    I do apologize to all the members of shirefolk to breelanders who was kicked by him, it was definitely not my intention for this to happen, I feel bad and sad thats its actually put me off the game completely, I wanted this kin to be a RP kin the kin house is even in a RP neighborhood so I also apologize to ''Shire rose'' and ''Grand order of the lost mathom'' kins for the kin house being there.

    Sadly there is nothing i can do about this at all, for someone to do this must be cold and not care for anybody else’s feelings, there is no reason that you was kicked it was just for someone’s greed, I am very sorry about this I cant say how sorry I am but RL came into play for me, I just wish there was more that you could do, I would have rather seen the kin disbanded than it been used for some fools extra bank space.

    So all in all I do apologize for this situation.


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    Just terrible

    Hello there, I was once in this kin as well and kicked too by the current leader Chakkera.
    He used to be an officer but as soon as he could take advantage of taking over the kin he grabbed it and threw anyone that was active out of the kin.
    It makes perfect sense that the kin message was directed only towards one person, since he did have an onilne affair with a teenage girl with problems... (I'm sorry but this shows what kind of a person he is), he admitted to that in kin chat.

    All that was in the kin chests was gathered by mainly myself and the leader Bazuko and with the help of some other kin members. Including buying the kin house. So he mainly took over the kin for the storage and to steal whatever was inside, since the leader even wrote him a message saying can he grab some things out of the kin house and he was kicked out imediately after that. Most things in the kin house were completely unique.

    So all in all, I am shocked that this even happened, but moved on to another server for this reason.

    ~ Lau

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    btw the Shire Folk to bree landers website is not being run by Chakkera its run by me he is banned from the website so if anyone needs to know answers you can log on and talk

    again all i can say is sorry.

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    Sorry to hear that this has happened to you. You could always just create a new kin from all the previous members, you'd be more than welcome back.

    Or we could offer you a home if you wish with People of the Shire. We're a little quite at the moment due to Life, but all is good

    -Jadite (PoTs)

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    Yeah, bit of a bummer with that situation. It was a fun kin and then almost overnight it just got weird.

    It's a sad showing of "failure at life" when you have to steal an imaginary kinship in a virtual world to feel good about yourself.

    My character was kicked out of the kin for no reason (I log in almost every day). Based on what happened I can only assume it was because I was an officer. I have an alt that's still in the kin that wasn't an officer. The "leader" rarely logs in, that's even worse.

    Oh well, life goes on and I tend not to worry about people who are that pathetic.

    So I'll see everybody around!



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