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    changes are needed to The Ale Association quests!

    somewhat belatedly, i want to complain & suggest changes to the initiation quests chain.

    ok, so i understand why i need to steal recipes from hobbits. I mean, they are a foolish folk, and cannot be trusted with the brewing of ale anyway. but why do i need to mock and bully other dwarves to join the Association? does it really need to be so rude? i don't want to make other dwarves sad!

    so, here's an idea: instead of mocking them, how about this - a quest chain called "foul play". outside of Thorin's Gate there is a brave Inn League merchant, that has come to supply the members in Eriador with his prime ale (as if!). he has a big barrel of ale mounted on a cart. the quest starts with the player going to Jonar and receiving some spices that will make the ale go bad. they are instructed to go to the merchant and provide him with some assistance in delivering his ale to members.... the player receives a casks from him to bring to the dwarves, but mixes the spices with the ale. the dwarves than drink the bad ale, are disgusted by it and renounce themselves from the Inn League, and joining the Ale Association.

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    But.. but.. these are dwarves that have aligned themselves with the Inn League! They deserve to be mocked
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    I gotta agree with Melyjely on this one, the Ale association is built off of forced coersion and subversion, even the titles you earn are exactly that.

    It's sort of like Peer pressure when your friends make you go to a bar you don't like every week because they like the waiter. You end up going anyhow.
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