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    Roleplayer looking for RP community/server/friends to roleplay with and help me shape my character :)


    Well, as the title already said it: I am a roleplayer and I am looking for a roleplay server to roleplay on.

    A bit about me:

    I am pretty heavy on the RP, meaning that I go by lore and ALL of my actions that I will do IN GAME will also be a reflection of my character (so you won't hear me shouting "L33t this is fun yo!")
    As a player I am rather heavy on the character/story development and for me, not everything I see is what is actually there, so I could be seen as a typical text based roleplayer but of course we also all want to look pretty no?

    I am a social person though I do carry a no drama policy. I am on here to play and have fun, I do would like to press this since my previous experience with lotro was that there was a lot of drama involved in the game and around the RP so I just want to be ahead of it all and say it just incase

    Lore: Not toooooooo heavy but I do know a decent amount of the elven lore and a tad of hobbit lore and stuff.

    Looking for:

    Well, first off, I was asking what would be the best server for me to RP on and second my request for people who want to help me get connected to the world/server/rp. Basically someone to RP with since of course it is never fun to start out somewhere alone.

    race: I have no clue what race I want to play, I will most likely go for hunter with race unknown for now.

    So I know it might be a bit much to ask or put out here. But I just felt like I needed to spread my boarders and stuff, I hope to find some good people/server/thing to play on.

    thanks anyways,


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    Well met!

    I would say the first thing you should consider, when looking for an RP server, is where you're physically located in the world and what language is your native tongue. (I'm assuming English since that's the language you're typing in)

    There are two English-speaking RP servers, though I believe you might find a wee bit of RP on just about any of them.

    Laurelin is the "official" RP server, migrated over from Europe. Most of the players there tend to favor European timezones, though there has been an influx of North Americans since the migration of the server to America. Aside from the time differences, they also have a naming policy which they try to enforce - meaning names that aren't "lore-ish" will get reported and renamed. You don't HAVE to be a roleplayer to play on Laurelin, though most non-RPers respect those who are.

    Landroval is the "unofficial" RP server, established by the players at launch. Most of the players there tend to favor North American timezones. There is no naming policy enforced on Landroval, so you could see some very unusual and no-lore names there. You don't have to be a roleplayer to play on Landroval, though, again, most non-RPers respect those who are.

    Both servers have great communities and mature players, for the most part. Any server can have trouble-makers, of course, but those two tend to try to deal with them as quickly as possible through Turbine's proper channels.

    If you're familiar with the lore, it helps, of course. But, on both of those servers you'll find folks willing to help you learn the things you're not sure about, if you're willing.

    Again, welcome to the game and the wonderful world Tolkien created and Turbine brought to "virtual visual" life and I hope you find fun and excitement here.


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    Houstont, TX. United States of America.

    I am on Gladden, but am really interested in roleplaying a lot more. I do tend to be a loner in some regards, however. I am not a "cruncher" or "grinder" whatever the term is. But I do attempt to complete tasks (actually, every single task!), and am not sure that's fun for everyone. Also, I like to mine and if I happen to run across tree limbs, chop them up.

    Would I be a good roleplayer?

    My biography is three paragraphs long, and I borrow a lot from Iron Crown Enterprise's "Middle-Earth Roleplaying" Arnor Book. My character is distantly related to a noble Cardolani house. Without going into three paragraphs, my distant ancestor was a widow of a brother to a (MERP fictious) King of Cardolan. Both died childless. I state that under Cardolani law, this ancestor held her title in her own right, she was Ernil (Princess) of (MERP fictious) Dol Calastir. She went on to marry four times, and was widowed each time.
    My character, Calimendil Calastir, wants to restore the glory that was Cardolan. He views all People as his kin, regardless of race, color, or national origin (this is important).

    Cal feels very strongly about "his people." Since the options at start were "Man from the Bree-Lands", and Cardolan is (yet) no more, and the game starts in Bree, that was the option I chose. I'd rather be blond, though. Over the many centuries of the Third Age, it's quite possible my ancestors would have intermarried with a blond Northman. But I didn't think of that.

    So, I did wonder about roleplaying. My best friend, whom I sometimes play with, told me not to join a roleplaying server though.

    Oh, Cal has his own ideas about the (wondrous, and good) quality of the White Council, including the Lord Saruman. This is because of the (fictious MERP) history of Arnor and Cardolan.

    After the King of Cardolan died childless (sorry, can't remember the year right off), the Kings of Gondor and Arthedain presented claims for the throne of Cardolan. At the time, these were dismissed by the Dwarves and Elves. The White Council instead crowned a distant relative of the Royal House of Cardolan.

    If you recall both the film RETURN OF THE KING and book Return of the King, then you know Gandalf the White crowns Aragorn Elessar. Well, if that was so at the end of the Third Age, toward the middle of the Third Age, it would have been Saruman the White crowning (fictious MERP) King Tarcil II of Cardolan.
    Little Hope there is that help should come from Gondor, but we shall see the glory of Cardolan restored!

    --Calimendil Calantir

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    USA west coast
    You can join a roleplaying server and not spend any time roleplaying. or little. Nobody is policing any of that. The roleplaying servers tend to be friendlier to those who like it though.



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