Well, as the title already said it: I am a roleplayer and I am looking for a roleplay server to roleplay on.

A bit about me:

I am pretty heavy on the RP, meaning that I go by lore and ALL of my actions that I will do IN GAME will also be a reflection of my character (so you won't hear me shouting "L33t this is fun yo!")
As a player I am rather heavy on the character/story development and for me, not everything I see is what is actually there, so I could be seen as a typical text based roleplayer but of course we also all want to look pretty no?

I am a social person though I do carry a no drama policy. I am on here to play and have fun, I do would like to press this since my previous experience with lotro was that there was a lot of drama involved in the game and around the RP so I just want to be ahead of it all and say it just incase

Lore: Not toooooooo heavy but I do know a decent amount of the elven lore and a tad of hobbit lore and stuff.

Looking for:

Well, first off, I was asking what would be the best server for me to RP on and second my request for people who want to help me get connected to the world/server/rp. Basically someone to RP with since of course it is never fun to start out somewhere alone.

race: I have no clue what race I want to play, I will most likely go for hunter with race unknown for now.

So I know it might be a bit much to ask or put out here. But I just felt like I needed to spread my boarders and stuff, I hope to find some good people/server/thing to play on.

thanks anyways,