I've recently restarted LotRO but have owned/played the game off/on since release. I am hoping the community is the same as I remember it (mature, easy-going, friendly) and that I will be able to get away from the more immature players that seem to frequent other popular MMOs. My Tolkien lore is weak. I've read the books and seen the movies so I know the lay of the land, so to speak, but anything beyond the basic story has escaped me.

I currently have characters on both Landroval and Laurelin (all of them of lower levels) but have been mainly playing on Laurelin in the last couple days. I'm looking for both casual RPers for loose contacts (even if it's just for OOC chatter so I don't feel so alone while playing or to answer stupid game questions) as well as a kinship, although at this point I'd be hard-pressed to say what kind of kinship might suit my characters best as I'm still working on "who" they are.

I feel really stodgy writing this post! I'm mostly a silly derp who likes to play extremely quirky characters, although I've been known to occasionally RP a straight arrow. I like to have fun but I stink at trying to write an "introduction."

Hopefully this is ok, but I'm going to link to an RP story I wrote for my favorite WoW character that I used to play. I believe it will help give people an idea of the type of character I play as well as my writing style. I'd link LotRO stories but I don't have any...yet!

Story - http://fav.me/d5v8q4n (If anyone wants to read more, there is also some very serious style writing in that gallery folder that's more recent - Immolation and Untamed.)

I'm fading back into the wallpaper for now!