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    Customizable Steeds?

    Not computer saavy enough to know if it could be implemented, but it seems to me that you could make the saddleblankets, etc. on the regular (reputation and store) steeds dyeable. That would be a feature I would be willing to pay for. I love my rep steeds, but their gear doesn't always match the characters that ride them the most.

    Not all of us have war steeds. Some of us won't every get that far and some don't want to mess with them. Please give us the ability to dye the gear on the horses we actually do ride to match.

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    Then they would be war steeds. The regular riding horse feature can't support customization.

    There have been requests to provide all or more of the regular riding horse looks for our war horses. According to Turbine that is not economically feasible. It seems like the single piece all in one look of a riding horse is much less costly than doing a leg, saddle, head, tail, body ...
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    I like how it is not economically feasible, but they keep coming out with new horses to buy with TP.....
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