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    Thumbs up Searching for deeding group

    Hey all,

    I'm a lvl 85 hunter called Ithuin, and really want to get Helmsdeep when it comes out... Problem is I want to earn it, not by paying for it. So I am searching for people on Windfola that would like to start new characters with me (or deed with me in Rohan) and earn lots of TP, because we all now deeding together goes way faster. Even if you don't want to buy Helmsdeep by deeding, but just want to deed a bit, I could use any player, level doesn't matter that much. I hope someone can help me out there! Love you all folks,

    Leader of Focus

    PS: I'm also looking to buy a tome of agility V, if someone has one, always useful, I can pay for it

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    Hi there!

    I've been doing a lot of deeding recently - mostly just trying to finish off deeds for the sake of finishing them. If you see me online send me a tell! I've been deeding on my 85 captain, Cithryth.


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    Wink I would love to meet you!

    I am more than willing to join your outfit. I spawned a character in Windfola to join because I really need TP. Check the mail I sent ya for more info, see you soon.



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