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    Hobbit gift loot table - [5 Shards]

    I was on role-playing server earlier and had this hobbit gift on a character level 50: You have acquired: [5 Shards].
    I'm trying to imagine how that would feel if I had gambled mithril coins for it. The same goes for any hobbit gift that adds anything below 500 marks on a level 95, tier 1-2 relics on a level 95...there are rather a few examples.

    I simply think the hobbit gift roulette loot tables need to be reviewed: while it's great to get the occasional good item, it is perhaps best if the bad things are not bad to this extent.

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    I see this thing a bit differently. hobbit gifts are free. You get silver everyday, and vips get gold once a week. Free stuff, thanks, i'll take it.

    Ppl who want to blow mithril on those, should know, that all random elements in mmo's vary from zero to hundred. Mostly on the zero end.

    Its the same with real-world lotteries. Ppl who play them, keep losing all the time (except the odd lucky sod sometimes), but still, the organizers wont increase the odds, because its their business and income.



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