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    Lightbulb Laurelin RP Neighbourhood

    I have always wanted to do some roleplaying in a neighbourhood, but despite the many places, I haven't really seen any roleplay going on, so I thought... "Hmm, what if there could be a neighbourhood, or neighbourhoods, of people who could be a community of sorts, such as when we see a cleared out neighbourhood, or a new one, we could all just rush on in, and take homes to live in. Anyway, I thought this could be interesting, so I thought if we mapped out some things about this neighbourhood, such as who has which home, what jobs, if any, we will all have, and so on.

    And here are the homes, if you post saying which home you want, and which job you want ((If you dont want a 'job', just mention that)) and your name will be placed next to the home, so we can plan this all out, before striking in and grabbing a neighbourhood...

    1 Long Street (Standard)-
    2 Long Street (Deluxe) -
    3 Long Street (Standard)-
    4 Long Street (Deluxe) -
    5 Long Street (Kin) -
    6 Long Street (Deluxe) -
    7 Long Street (Standard)-
    8 Long Street (Kin) -

    1 Garden Street (Standard) -
    2 Garden Street (Deluxe) -
    3 Garden Street (Standard) -
    4 Garden Street (Deluxe) -

    1 Fountain Street (Standard) -
    2 Fountain Street (Standard) -
    3 Fountain Street (Deluxe) -
    4 Fountain Street (Standard) -

    1 Broadford Street (Standard) -
    2 Broadford Street (Deluxe) -

    1 High Road (Standard) -
    2 High Road (Deluxe) - Haelm, Mayor
    3 High Road (Kin) -

    1 Chestnut Road (Standard) -
    2 Chestnut Road (Standard) -
    3 Chestnut Road (Standard) -
    4 Chestnut Road (Deluxe) - Aoina,
    5 Chestnut Road (Standard) -
    6 Chestnut Road (Deluxe) -
    7 Chestnut Road (Standard) -
    8 Chestnut Road (Standard) -
    9 Chestnut Road (Kin) -

    Above is the list of who will get where, but this will not be done fast, and it probably won't take for at least a month, when a new neighbourhood opens up, where we will be able to go on in and buy our properties. And yes, I put my character's name as 'Mayor', but if someone else wishes to be the Mayor, perhaps there could be an election? Anyway, this took some time to make and I do hope we make this work

    RP Angle

    Lord Lowthwaite knew he could not be Mayor of Bree-Town, so he propositioned to build a town in Bree-Land, out of Bree-Town. The people who signed up also had houses made, and a place where they could live in the town.

    Types of houses left in stock:

    16 Standard,
    8 Deluxe,
    4 Kin,

    Please get in contact by posting on this page to reserve your home, regardless of whether or not you have the funds at this moment. Thanks for reading and I hope you decide to join the community.

    - Haelm Lowthwaite
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    This is a amazing idea! and I wish I could help with it, but I can't since I am not on that server. But I give my support from the forums!

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    This is such a wonderful idea. Is this still happening/being organised dearest Mayor?



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