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    Volume 3, Book 13, Chapter 1

    I know many people have had no issue with this but I (and a few others who were hanging around the same area this morning) couldn't finish this quest today. I was able to get to the point where all that was left was to talk to Legolas and another npc (who I believe was named Sigleth although not 100% sure). The text said they should be atop the wall. I went to the area that seemed to be indicated and received the message on screen that I was approaching Legolas (not sure of the exact wording). However I could not see him nor the npc that was with them. I assumed that they were either higher up or further down but I searched for some time (and the only part higher beside there was on a turrent where they were not). I remembered the trick of clicking on the ring in the mini-map and was able to target them but my toon promptly went off the wall down to the rocks below where i was able (through the wall) to finish the part with the 2nd NPC. HOWEVER I was never able to speak with legolas as my toon couldn't get close enough to him through the wall to initiate quest dialogue. I tried both the outside and the inside of the fortress itself. I could clearly see that Legolas was within the wall area but couldn't get to him (I could even phase slightly under one of the ramparts on the inside but couldn't get close enough to him). Not sure why I had the issue when so many have been able to complete this quest. I do know that I have already finished all the other areas of the expansion to this point (have the skill points quests done in each area in other words). I sent in a bug report but was wondering if anyone else had this issue (besides the people who were around me trying to get to legolas) and if there was some current way to work around.

    Thanks for any input.

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    I had logged out and logged back in earlier and that didn't fix the issue. I went played on another toon for approximately 1 hour then logged back on to the toon that I had the issue on. Once fully back in Sigreth and Legolas were standing on top of the wall like they were supposed to. Hopefully others who experienced similar issues also experience a similar situation where the bug "fixes" itself.



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