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    Stone of Tortoise after Moria

    I am almost finished with Moria. I had an absolute blast there, amazing scenery!
    I bought the Stone of the Tortoise, so i can experience the game "on-level". I used it when I was level 50 and did the epics of Volume I, i did not want to be level 53+ when entering Moria.
    I am wondering, which levels i should do in which of the Quest and Expansion Packs. I already decided to use the Stone again when i hit level 60. ( I guess that is going to happen in Moria, as I am trying to do all quests there are - except the fellowship ones). That will allow me to have a nice adventure in Lothlorien.

    But after that, i am not sure how to progress further. Shall i go to Enedwaith? If yes, for how many levels? Or shall i go to Mirkwood first? At which levels would you recommend using the Stone again? So, for example, i might go to Mirkwood and do all the quests there, but block xp after reaching level 63; so i can then start Enedwaith without being too much overleveled.
    And this goes on, because there seem to be two ways of progressing: Expansions (Moria--> Mirkwood-->Isengard-->Rohan) and Quest Packs (Enedwaith--> Great River). But i want to experience both - all the areas, (almost) all the quests.
    I would be thankful i you could give me a kind of rundown when to play in which area and unto which level. I dont mind changing areas in between (start in Enedwaith, then Dunland, then Enedwaith again or so).

    Thank you!

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    Mirkwood starts at 60 and goes up to 65.
    Enedwaith is same 60 to 65.

    Dunland starts at 65 and goes up to 75.
    Great river starts at 70 and goes up to 75.

    My advice would be to do Mirkwood first, and block at 63. Finish the content there, and especially the epic, then switch to Enedwaith.
    In Enedwaith go to 65 then block the XP, finish the quests and the epic, then head to dunland.

    In Dunland go to 73, block the XP, finish the Epic and the quests, then head to great river.
    Great river up to 75 then head to Rohan... Rinse and repeat.

    This way you will follow the order of the epic.
    If you do Enedwaith first Mirkwood you won't follow the epic.

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    That sounds good!
    Thank you! I found it hard to "guess" which level would be best to stop at for a certain area, as I have never been there myself. And the level ranges of the quest packs given on this page are not really helpful (trollshaws?), so i was looking for exactly the information you provided. Thanks!



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