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    am i missing something?

    so, i'm pretty much a story fanat. i play almost only for the story- also for the landscape, but i'm lagging like crazy in my computer so i'll have to wait for the new computer i want to buy and start questing in HD with my alt before i can fully enjoy the landscape.
    until the eastfold, every town we visited across rohan and before that had an unique story. we got to fully know the thane and some other characters, and the story advanced in a slow but interesting pace. that, until the eastfold. in aldburg it was still like that, but then in fernmarch it was too quick- we got to briefly know the thane's son and the thane, and from what we could understand his daughter is in love with eomer. or is it a relationship? we don't know. and then after rescuing the thane's daughter, shed tells us to go to beaconwatch. what? what's beaconwatch? don't you want me to tell your father that his daughter is alive? i gone to fernmarch first, and saw that indeed, there was no quest ring anywhere there. i wanted to enter the meadhall to search for a blue ring, but decieded that my lags won't allow me to do extra loadings. so i gone to beaconwatch, and the questing speeded up even more- we can understand that the thane is very duty bound and that his wife supports him, we can understand beaconwatch's purpose- but all of this briefly. after we talk to the rescued daughter and do a session play, suddenly the new thane's son appears wounded with his whole hunting party slain by orcs. his father doesn't seem to care too much. he got to watch the beacon from his window, because it's the thane's duty to do the watchmen's duty, not helping his people or something- that is the purpose of adventurers. so we do a quest for the thane's son and then the orc threat seems to end and we are sended back to aldburg by the a little grateful thane. wait, what? didn't his son just said that i should sneak into the cave?
    it seems like i missed something. can anybody point me to the right direction?
    edit: now thane arcil thanks me for defeating an orc chieftain of the boar tribe, but i only collapsed the caves. what?!
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    Yeah, something's weird with the end of the Eastfold storyline. If I had to guess, I think the instance where you kill the boar tribe clan chief was bugged and they just skipped it. You can actually find the cave and go in, complete with a couple of auto bestowed quests. The chieftain is at the end, where you overhear him conversing with a Nazgul. He attacks when the cutscene is over, but he keeps resetting. It was very disappointing not to get an appropriate conclusion t that story arc.

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    I thought i'd missed something after moving on from this area, it ended very abruptly. In a way i'm glad to see there's something missing in the game rather than my brain not managing to keep up with the story.

    As an aside, I thought this whole region was stunning to look at, i've taken a few rides up to the top of the mountains and there are beautiful sights in every direction.



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