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    Purchasing General Trait Slot Error

    I've tried twice now to purchase a general trait slot via the LOTRO store with no success. You supposedly receive a token now to unlock the slot. Both times the purchase goes through and I receive a notice in the General chat that I made the purchase, but my inventory does not show the token and the trait slot remains to be purchased.

    I reported the first incident via a phone call to tech support. I was refunded the 95 LP and submitted a bug report (that was on 11/23). I noticed the LOTRO store was down for awhile yesterday so I was hoping that this issue was fixed. I tried it again last night and the same thing occurred. 95 LP was spent but yet I received no token and the trait slot remains unlocked.

    Is anyone else having this problem?

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    What's the exact name of the item you're trying to purchase?

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    Class Trait Set Unlock (95 LP)

    I see my error now. I mistook that for the Trait Slot: Virtue/Corruption. When you click on the unlockable slot from the Virtue Traits panel in the Trait Tree Panel the LOTRO Store interface shows you both options.

    So I'm still out 95 LP since I did not receive the token for the Class Trait Set Unlock. I suppose this is because I actually did not have one available to unlock? Can I get a refund?
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