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    lvl 95 star lit crystal giving fractional, abysmal benefits

    Hi, this must be a bug or something. After putting a 95 star lit crystal in my level 95 2 hand 2nd age champ greatsword the above the legacy inherent Crit bonus went from 704 to 708 crit. Max dps went from 240 to 241.

    This increases are like the ones I saw when putting a 3rd crystal in a 2nd age 85 item.

    Any word or insight? I seem to remember there being some sizable benefit to using crystals, they did afterall basically turn a 2nd age into a first age.
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    Than nothing has changing, cause as i remember on lvl75 1st age, and lvl85 3rd,2nd, and 1st age you got one tiny dps more per crystal.
    Only on 2nd and 3rd age lvl 75 and on lower lvl-weapons (60/65) you get more dps per crystal.
    So you can be happy to go +1 dps and not +0.5 or something :-)

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    It's not about being happy or unhappy it's about finding out if it's a bug or something. Like I said it's not just dps but the above stats that I remember getting a good boost from a crystal. I mean really they exist for a reason and you can put 3 in an LI. Why would anyone grind/pay for a (or 3) crystal(s) if you got almost no benefit?

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    Cause people pay even for 0.1% more damage if they have 0.1% more than their neighbor ;-)
    but back to topic, its not new that the benefit of crystals is very small on higher levels, so i doubt its a bug.

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    I don't have the figures for lv95 tact rank with 3 crystals yet but.

    When a lv75-85 tactical class say Rk used the crystal the rank did do up fairly noticeable

    Guardian belt - shield Rank (irony is that the shied is a melee weapon) but tactical damage
    Captains Emb- Healing rank
    Rk bag- Healing rank
    Rk weapon- damage tac rank
    Mini Book - Healing rank
    Mini weapon- damage tac rank
    LM Book - Healing rank
    LM weapon- damage tac rank.

    The increase for weapon damage that is not tact is unfortunately as you say 1-2 up per time.

    Hunter bow/ sword
    Champs -weapons
    Guardians -weapons

    Also the ratings on weapons do increase fairly well and stats like Vitality and might did increase as well at lv85 weapon/class item.

    So crystals are not a waste its just it really depends on the type of stat you have on your item to start with.

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    Ever since i've applied those star-lit crystals to my hunter bows, the dps boost has only been about 1 to 1.5 dps point per crystal. The crystal also positively expands some non-hard-set legacy limits (it can't raise the hard-limit of 15 seconds max for needful haste legacy, but--I think-- should slightly raise the base and max of a melee crit change bonus, etc).
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    I believe the improvement has to do with how big the gap is between your current item and the next better age category. The idea is that installing all the star light crystals in a level 95 second age will result in a level 95 second age+ that is still slightly inferior to a level 95 first age without any starlight crystals.

    It is something like this (make up numbers to illustrate a point):

    Second age without a crystal 85 DPS
    Second age with one crystal 86 DPS
    Second age with two crystals 87 DPS
    Second age with three crystals 88 DPS
    First age without a crystal 90 DPS

    Turbine is trying to avoid a significant Pay To Win situation. Get the level capped weapons. Slap in all the crystals. You have a much better item than a non crystal item.

    IIRC - Turbine wanted to restrict the Lotro Store bonus to no more than a 5% improvement. 3 points on 85 is 3.5%. Turbine could go to 1.4 DPS per crystal which max out the second age at 89.2 DPS. Turbine would need to raise the unmodified DPS for the first age because .8 DPS is not enough.
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    The dps factor has never been that big for the crystals.

    I have always thought the crystals did the most work in enabling all your legacies to go one notch higher. Correct me if I'm wrong.

    Where are these things dropping from, now, by the way? I did several skraids (mirkwood) and some GB and never saw one drop from a chest. I only ask because I see that the seals system has also been quite revamped.

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    Quote Originally Posted by livingwaters View Post
    Where are these things dropping from, now, by the way? I did several skraids (mirkwood) and some GB and never saw one drop from a chest. I only ask because I see that the seals system has also been quite revamped.

    I got one from the normal (not CM-mode) box of the last boss in the Library



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