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    Floyd and Dewitt

    Just curious has anyone found Floyd and Dewitt in the new area?

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    Haven't seen them no. Were there any clues that they might be in western Rohan?

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    Love/care/attention to detail makes me suspect they're not in there yet. A lot is great and nice in the fresh content, just to me no feeling that the big story arcs are quite there. It will come.

    I am very much ready to be surprised, however! Asked in global brandywine and noone had spotted them in any case.

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    Having covered just about every square inch of the new landscape I'd say they haven't made it to West Rohan at this time.
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    As a slight de-rail:

    I recently completed finding F&D part II (without cheating too!) so returned to Misties to find them there to complete the first part which I hadn't got round to doing. I just could not find them after spending hours looking and this time I caved in and had a look online to find out where the hell they were.

    It's somewhere around Goblin Town where there's the winding path and the 'back door' to GT (not the Black Crack, the higher one), but for the life of me I still cannot even see them, never mind reach them. Apparently there's somewhere you need to jump down to but not sure where. Given I found all the others off my own back this is deeply annoying and a little embarrassing

    Can anyone help?

    - stride



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