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    hobbit standard house. small floor hook for rug

    i have searched and searched and read every housing and decorating faq i could find. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to place a rug. I have a large bear skin rug and i own a standard hobbit house. i cannot find the small floor hook anywhere.

    any help would be appreciated. thanks.

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    In this image, if you walk into your standard hobbit house; with nothing slotted in the large furniture slot in front of you; and you have the decorating toggle on you will see the two glowy outlines as you can in this image. The arrows and showing both tool tip boxes at the same time are my addition in the hopes it will help make things clear. Normally, when you mouse over and get the flowervase icon, it will only give you the tooltip for whatever you are hovering over.

    You can see two outlines in this image. The outer edge is the small floor. The inner (more like a box without a lid) is the large furniture.

    You want to grab between the outer edge and the topless box edge to place the rug. When you mouseover and see the flower vase icon, the tool tip will pop up telling you what you would get if you click there. You want to click when the tool tip says "small floor".

    The same goes for your other room. The large furniture is right on top of the small floor.

    Sometimes, it still wants to grab the large furniture anyway. Swing you camera/view one way or another and experiment to see which angle is easiest to grab that outer edge so you can place the rug. Some houses, for whatever reason, are more finicky than others.

    I hope this helps!
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